Not Guilty

Boxer Puppy in Rear Seat of Car

Sometimes I feel guilty about having rheumatoid disease.

Then I kick myself. “Why are you feeling guilty about this? You didn’t do anything to get RD. You didn’t commit a bunch of terrible “sins” or live a selfish, bad life before the disease started. You weren’t an awful child. You’ve always tried your best to be a good, kind, caring, loving human being! And you’re doing everything you can to treat the disease—medications, lifestyle modifications, etc. You eat your vegetables! Whole-grain everything! Chicken and fish instead of steak! So stop feeling guilty about something you can’t help!

Then I feel guilty for feeling guilty…

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3 thoughts on “Not Guilty

  1. Wren, I get feeling guilty. I did for years about diabetes and did for a few years with RA. I think when i manage RA well I feel less guilty and when I don’t, I feel more guilty. I especially felt it riding around Target in the motorized shopping cart. I thought ever one was saying look at that guy not working and riding around on the cart.

    I think guilt is an occupational hazard of chronic disease.


  2. New to RA (I’ve been diagnosed 11 months) and I wanted to say this is all the yes. I feel guilty for not being the warrior who wins all the time. But there’s one more type of guilt you don’t mention and that’s feeling guilty for being weak. My RA isn’t THAT bad–I’m not in a wheelchair. I’m not in agonizing pain all the time. I can open jars. I have supportive doctors and colleagues. So when I get depressed and angry and self-pitying I feel very guilty because others have it so much harder. And that makes me feel even worse!


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