Same dragon, different day.

Reading Without HandsI’ve loved to read since I learned how as a little girl. Reading has always informed and even transformed my days, my nights, and my life. With a book in my hands, I’ve traveled the world. I’ve parachuted from low-flying planes into war zones and wildfires. I’ve tracked down and caught murderers and terrorists. I’ve visited other worlds and other dimensions, ridden on the backs of dragons, and traveled into the most daunting wilderness. And all of it I’ve done without ever leaving my chair …

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4 thoughts on “Reading Without Hands

  1. Rick Phillips says:

    I have never tried an EReader and am not all that crazy about audio book recordings. But perhaps you have inspired me ? You never know.


  2. Hi Wren: I wrote about my E-Reader when I first talked about “assistive devices” because I was using mine to avoid wearing (hated) reading glasses. Like you, I love the feel of an actual book in my hands. But when I travel, I love having one book-sized device to carry multiple books to read (rather than allocating a large amount of space in my suitcase). Haven’t tried the audio versions, but I can see a time in my future that this advancement will allow me to pursue my love of a good story. (Just like driverless cars will keep me mobile in my old age…)


  3. J.G. Chayko says:

    I also have a hard time holding books – my hands get tired and sore so quickly. I’ve resorted to leaning them on pillows but even that gets uncomfortable after a bit. I refuse to give up reading. I’ve toyed with the idea of an E-Reader but haven’t made the leap…perhaps it’s time…


  4. Couldn’t agree more with everything you say, as is so often the case! 🙂 I love my tablet and it’s a real boon when the hands or arms are bad, or when travelling. I also love to fall asleep to a good audio book! I thought I’d HATE reading on the tablet because I too like a real book, but actually I’ve come to love it.


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