Creakiness Personified

creakytinman-ranet-huHere’s how my mornings begin: I move suddenly from restless sleep to restless wakefulness. Instead of being warm and comfortable, wishing I didn’t have to get out of my soft cocoon, I’m warm and uncomfortable, and I want to get up because maybe I’ll feel better than I do right now in bed.

For a minute or so, though, I take stock of what hurts: my knuckles and wrists; both ankles, seemingly every joint, tendon, and ligament in both feet; and at least one hip.

Whadda party!

…and so it goes. You can read the rest right here.

2 thoughts on “Creakiness Personified

  1. Wren – Every day is similar with me except I HATE getting out of bed. I think how much longer can I continue to work with my RD? How much longer can I do this routine – prednisone first thing, and debate the opioid. Shower and then coffee and I have to eat a little something before I can take celebrex and my biologic. And my prozac. I finally hit my stride somewhere around 10am and keep it until about 3 when the fatigue sets in and I try to get through the rest of the day until it starts all over again. My worst days are when I have 8am sales meetings. Brutal to move and get to the office that early (at least 45 minute commute). But like you, I know I need to continue to push. Everyday.


  2. Wren – THANK YOU..You summed up, in total, what it feels like EVERY day for me.. You also have given me the biggest SMILE I have had in a long time….I am currently looking at all the pills I have to take to maintain, (for the last 32 years) and was getting ready to get ‘bummed out’ about it…then I read ‘Creakiness’ HAH!!!! I (we) have got it MADE! Enjoy your day!


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