RA and the OMGs


Illustration copyright Leslie Vandever

This is hard.

You’ve started a new biologic. A “miracle drug,” as it’s sometimes referred to. It’s been about six weeks since you started it—not long enough for most biologics to show their effects, beneficial or otherwise, but in some patients, this one has “worked” this early.

For you, not so much. In fact, at this moment, you’re in real pain.

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3 thoughts on “RA and the OMGs

  1. Hi, Wren. You’re so right to point out that just breaking routine can be liberating. A change of pace, a change of place, can give us a new perspective and put all else into perspective as well. I know that to feel better I must sleep well. And that’s one of the things I’m grateful to my rheumy for. He makes sure I have a sleep aid, should I need it. It’s no more than a low dose of a muscle relaxer, but it does the trick. I believe it helps me sleep, and so it does.


  2. I hate the OMGs and I hate even worse that you’re having to deal with them. You know I love your attitude, though, and this post is a great example of your positivity. May 2017 relieve us both of the OMGs! Looking forward to catching up with you at some point in the new year!


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