Asking for Help

Jars-HU-May2016People who have rheumatoid arthritis are just like everyone else. We work for a living, have families and friends, shop and run errands and play. Many of us have hobbies and pursue our passions with dedication and joy. We want to do everything we can–just like anyone.

But sometimes, the unpredictable joint stiffness, pain, fatigue, and malaise that this persnickety autoimmune disease frequently causes can force us to slow down …

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4 thoughts on “Asking for Help

  1. A few years ago I broke down and bought a jar opener. Best thing I ever bought for my RA. Next on the list is an electric can opener.


  2. My son sent me a battery-operated jar opener. The thing goes crazy when I try to use it. I guess one day I will get the hang of it. For bottles I use a rubber gripper. Sometimes it works for jars, too. If someone else is home, I get them to open things for me. But this looks like a nifty gadget to add to my collection. Thanks, Wren!


  3. I have trouble putting on a sweater, a jacket, a winter coat. I often have to ask someone to help me get one arm in and then I can usually manage to do the other arm. I’ve learned that I have less pain and that people are more than willing to assist. I always try myself first though. Anyone out there have trouble putting on jackets?


  4. I’ve relied on my kids a lot over the years to open jars but they aren’t home very often so I’ve ordered this. Thanks.


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