Yes I Can, No I Can’t

Yes I Can No I Cant

Rheumatoid disease always gets in my way.

I know I’m not alone in this; it’s one of the most frequent comments I run across in blogs and other social media platforms. RD’s activity-dampening effect is, perhaps, one of the most aggravating–and sometimes, heartbreaking–characteristics of the disease. It rudely horns into our lives and changes them, often stopping us from doing the things we love to do. Do we like it? Not one little bit.

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5 thoughts on “Yes I Can, No I Can’t

  1. No doubt about it, you CAN draw – wish I could draw like you … and that has nothing to do with RA/RD!! You’re one super-talented Wren … 🙂 Your card is still making me smile. Quite agree with all the sentiments in your post too.

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  2. A can-do attitude goes a long way. The RD dragon can’t rob us of that! I give thanks for every day that I can do, whatever it is I want to do.

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  3. From day one of dealing with this disease I decided it wasn’t going to stop me. Yes, I did stop dancing 3-4 times a week, but I can still do a ballroom class once a week; yes, I had to cut back on theatre shows from 3-4 per year to 1-2 per year, but I still get on stage; I poured my creative yearning into writing. I am blessed to have the life I have, and I thank my lucky stars every day. For me it was always about finding a different path to arrive at my destination. I’m glad to see you found yours too. I enjoy your beautiful drawings. X. Stay well.


  4. Hi Wren,

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