Hasta la vista, 53…

My (erk) 54th birthday has come and gone. Monday (the actual day) wasn’t a very good day for a birthday celebration, so my Mom, Mr Wren, Cary and Matt and I went to a local Mexican restaurant last night for a tasty meal to celebrate my personal new year. I devoured several big tiger prawns with a delicious mango-chipotle sauce with Mexican rice and beans on the side. I enjoyed every single bite.

When the plates were cleared,  six handsome Latino waiters arrived at our table bearing a beautiful chocolate cake with candles (one for each decade! Erk, again!). And then, to my surprise and considerable embarrassment, a gigantic sombrero was plopped on my head and they sang Happy Birthday Conchita to me, complete with guitar and maracas. One of them snapped a picture, and as we finished eating the cake, I was presented with a card from the restaurant with my picture inside it.

Oh, my. I’ve never worn a sombrero before. Perhaps this is why…

In other news, I got in touch with my rheumatologist’s office and have an appointment for cortisone injections for the bursitis in my hips. It’s not until Nov. 6, but I’ll take it. The secretary offered to get me in to see a different rheumatologist sooner, but explained that if I took that appointment, the VA would switch me over to that new rheumy for good. I like my current doctor, so I decided to wait. I can grin and bear these aggravating hips for another week and a half. That they were able to get me in to see him before my regular appointment in December was gift enough.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the appointment with a mixture of apprehension and impatience. Do I have the heeby-jeebies? Yes. Do I want this pain to go away? Yes. There’s always a price…

Here’s hoping that everyone is feeling good and enjoying the change in seasons.



10 thoughts on “Hasta la vista, 53…

  1. Happy belated birthday Wren!! I’m knocking on that 53 year door. Erk is right but it beats the alternative by far.
    Glad you decided to get the shot. There is no reason to have that much pain if the shot will give you relief.


  2. Happy Birthday Wren. What is it about birthdays that make your loved ones want to embarrass the crap out of you in a restaurant?


  3. HB2U! And many happy, healthy(er) returns of the day. And here’s hoping the injection works its wonders.


  4. You look gorgeous. It is nice seeing pictures of you Wren.

    Does knowing the shot is scheduled help? It will be nice to have the pain gone or reduced.

    Happy Birthday!


  5. Happy, happy, happy birthday! You look lovely, and your dinner sounds delicious. I’m glad you had such a good time!

    Good luck with the cortisone injections. I’ve only had them once, but they made a big difference. I hope they do the same for you.


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