big hand update

Hi all — first, THANK YOU for all your kind, caring comments and emails. It’s so comforting to know that people care so much. I’m really touched. You’re all such good friends — and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Home care on these dogbite wounds is proving a challenge, but one I’m up to, with a little help from the family. We’re in a sort of limbo right now, waiting for the blood cultures to grow (or not, hopefully) and for continued improvement in the healing process. I’ve no fever any longer, and I’m feeling good. The pain is minimal; don’t even need much in the way of pain meds now. So I think I’m on a good track, here, barring setbacks.

Logan is under county quarantine here at home — the county requires a ten-day quarantine to rule out the tiny possibility of rabies, even though he’s current on his vaccinations. We’re trying to make these days as peaceful and happy as we can for him. In spite of Logan’s longtime strangeness, he’s been a dear friend and a Good Dog throughout his life, trying SO hard to do everything right. I’m determined that we do everything right for him, too. He’s had a good, long run.

I’ll post again with updates as I can, but honestly, one-handed typing is WAY overrated.

Thanks again, friends.

11 thoughts on “big hand update

  1. It is so good to have you back online! I have all the empathy in the world for one-handed typing, and it appears you’re doing a great job. Do take care of yourself. Heal well and fast. And warm thoughts to you and your family as you deal with Logan’s situation. All the best, Carla


  2. Hi Wren,

    I hope all turns out well with your hand, and I know you’ll do what’s right with Logan as you have all along. All good thoughts to you and him. 🙂 L


  3. Really glad you are doing better. So sorry you have to make this decision about Logan. You and your family have certainly done right by him up until now. There are many people who would have given up on him after the first incident but you hung in there and gave him a nice life. Good luck in the coming week.


  4. that really is a big hand! don’t overtax yourself with the typing – I know it can drive you crazy not being able to communicate, but focus on healing and loving your dog.

    sending antiseptic vibes in the direction of your hand.


  5. wren…I am hopeful that my words are finding you continuing to do well from the recent setback. Great to hear from you, nonetheless, so I’ll take your one hand typing anyday…!

    Hope your day is well, Wren, and I hope you are recovering the best of ways.


  6. So sorry about the bite AND Logan! It’s a heck of a decision to have to make at any time, and worse when you’re feeling rough already! Wishing you a speedy ‘downhill sled’ recovery too, having just read your note on Helen’s blog!


  7. Take care of yourself and take care of that hand. Many well-wishes are sent your way! I’m terribly sorry about your pup. Having to make decisions like this about loved dogs is terrible, I know all about it. Warm thoughts.


  8. Wren – I’ve had the Big Hand too after surgeries, yeah it makes life somewhat more challenging. Sounds like things are positive on the healing portion.

    If Logan has had a good run at life he had it because of you and your partner. Too many other people would have just let him go at the first hint of a problem. You gave him a good home and it sounds like you gave him all the love in the world. What more can a dog ask for? You gave him a life, in a safe place. Maybe now you’ll have to let him move on to the next safe place for him and it will be the right thing to do. My heart goes out to you all.


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