So much for being bored

This morning I was trying to think of what to write about and couldn’t. Life was looking pretty boring. Nothing ever happens around here, I thought.

Then someone knocked on the door. Our old dog, Logan, yodeled (as usual) and headed for it, barking and snarling. I was close behind him.

“Logan, IN,” I ordered, indicating the laundry room. He always goes in, I shut him in securely, and then greet the visitor. But Logan ignored me this time. So I said it again, louder, and this time I grabbed for his collar.

The moment he felt my hand on his neck, he whipped around and bit me. Hard. Blood flew. Then he headed for the laundry room; he knew he’d blown it. I got the door closed and yelled for Cary to get the door while I took my spurting right hand to the kitchen sink.

Blood everywhere. Who knew so much could come out of a hand? I finally got the bleeding stopped with a handful of paper towels and pressure, then looked at the damage. A deep, ripped puncture on top of my hand above the knuckles and another one, also mangled, in the palm. Cary found some gauze and tape, put my shoes and socks on for me (now that’s a cool-headed daughter!) and drove me down the mountain to the VA Med Center ER.

This was all just around noon. Now it’s after 7 p.m. and we’re finally home. Xrays showed no bones broken (I didn’t think there were), and after soaking my hand in Betadine solution for an hour or so, and a toradol shot in the butt to take the pain down a few degrees, the doc looked at it and decided no stitches, but had the nurse put on a pressure bandage and sent me home with instructions to return on Monday so he can look at it again. He’s referring me to orthopedics, concerned about the tendons, but I guess we’ll see what happens on Monday.

My hand hurts. Doesn’t work real well at the moment. And I’m heartbroken,because this is likely the end for Logan. He’s been a tricky dog since he was a puppy, and started showing fear aggression when we took him for puppy kindergarten. He was fine with us, but simply couldn’t tolerate other people. And so, for 13 years now we’ve kept him close, never allowed him around visitors, and wondered if we’d ever get to take a vacation (he can’t be boarded).

Three years ago, he was outside with me in the daytime, a snow day. No one around, and Logan loves bouncing around in the snow. I went up the drive to get the mail, and as I did, our neighbor pulled up in his pickup and got out to check his box. We were laughing about the foot of snow – and Logan came out of nowhere and bit him on the leg. He was already headed back down the driveway by the time I – and Marc – realized what had happened.

Marc wasn’t badly hurt – just a tiny puncture – but it ended up causing a blood infection. Logan was quarantined at home for 10 days by the county, and eventually we were sued. Our homeowners insurance covered the settlement, but I felt awful about Marc (he’s just fine now, thank goodness). That was the end of Logan being outside without leash or fence, even on snowy afternoons in the middle of the work-week.

Mr Wren and I talked about having him put to sleep then. But we were too soft hearted. This dog has always been just fine around us; we just had to be far more careful. And we were.

And then this happened today.

I know that Logan’s eyes aren’t so good anymore. And there’ve been a few times, lately, when he’s growled at me or one of the other members of the family in an inappropriate moment. I’m not sure why he bit me today – perhaps I startled him when I touched him – but I just can’t see how we can ignore this. We’ll probably be hearing from the county again, as all dog bites that are seen by doctors are reported as a matter of public safety. The old guy has had all his shots, so that’s not a worry.

But this time … Aw, my poor old dog.

17 thoughts on “So much for being bored

  1. Wren,
    So sorry to hear that you got bitten by your dog. Years ago, our Large Munsterlander dog attacked our then 13-year old who suffered bites through his abdominal wall, on both his hands and thighs. Our son was hospitalized for three days, despite having been treated in the
    ER, because he developed cellulitis on his right hand and arm. Since it was the second attack on our son, we had the dog (who was in the prime of his life) euthanized. This was the hardest decision we ever had to make. We cried for weeks, but the safety of our child took priority. Hope you feel better soon.


  2. Oh Wren – I’m so sorry. I’ve had to put down too many pets over the years, due to age, illness
    etc. I go in with each one and hold them in my arms and look them in the eyes as they get the shots. Strangely it helps, the last old farm cat who couldn’t adjust to apartment living, gave me the most loving look of thanks that I could imagine on an animal. His name was Squeaky, huge, long-haired, yellow and a real talker, but he squeaked instead of meowing. He found the farm on his own as the tiniest kitten. He was filthy, stunk to high heaven and hung on the screen door screaming until Mom let him in. It took us a few minutes to decide because our deal is if you adopted an animal you paid to fix it and have shots, even farm cats.

    I feel so sorry for you and I hope the hand heals up quickly and OK. How old is Logan and has the vet talked about a minor doggie tranquilizer, maybe to slow down whatever is causing his anxiety?

    Good luck. My Mom died in Feb., making me promise to take care of her mini-schnauzer, Magoo, the dog I had given to her as a gift. Well he went to the care of my nephew as I had too much going on and need a back injection so I can walk him some. He looks a lot like Finney. My nephew and I are now having heated discussions about who Magoo should live with. Hopefully he’ll soon be back by me. He’s an old dog too, and I don’t believe he’s that happy in a crate all day with 2 huge dogs for company. He lived on Mom’s lap, slept by her bed, they were such a pair. And I miss them both so much.

    Sorry for blathering, first Mother’s Day without my Mom and sad animal stories have me bawling into my coffee cup.

    Take care and give old Logan a hug and a scratch from me.


  3. Sorry about this. Poor Logan – obviously, it was not intentional but it means that something is wrong. I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day.


  4. So sorry to hear about Logan. It is such a hard decision to let a pet go. I think it is the only truely bad thing about owning a pet. Take care.


  5. Oh Wren, I’m so sorry for you and for Logan. What a difficult decision, even though it is the right and the most loving one you can make.

    I am glad your hand is ok. I’ll be thinking of all of you.


  6. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. Today finds me with a very tender, sore, achey hand, a low-grade (99) fever and a rumbly tum from antibiotics. I’ve slept a lot, and missed Mother’s Day dinner at my Mom’s (we’ll try again next weekend). On the bright side, my wee buddy Finny hasn’t been more than a few inches away from me since I got home last night. 😉

    I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day!


  7. Oh dear. I hope you are on the mend soon and that whatever happens with Logan leaves you at peace. I’m sure whatever decision you make, no matter how hard, will be the right one. <>


  8. I am so sorry about poor Logan. It must be just tearing you apart as to what to do with him. I hope your hand is feeling better. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.


  9. Wren, I hope your hand is feeling better today. I’m sorry to hear about Logan, it would be a very tough decision to make.


  10. Oh poor Wren! It is never easy to make the right decisions for our beloved pets, is it? I’ll be praying for you and your family this week. I hope your hand heals up quick, quick, quick. *gentle hugs*


  11. Wren: Saw the update from WarmSocks. Sending great wishes your way that the treatment clears up your hand and you’re back to typing two-handed again in no time. Do take care and update us when you can. All the best – Carla


  12. Oh, no! I’m so, so sorry. You with an injured hand and having to face the saddest thing in life with a pet. I’m thinking of you.


  13. i’m so sorry you have to make this decision 😦 i had to make the same choice about 6yrs ago and it was so hard but i had to. I think my dog (the love of my life) understood it was the calmest visit to vet we didn’t even have to use a muzzle. I still miss him terribly but i know it was for the best i just wish i could try all over again and make him more social and maybe change his temperment but i guess it wouldn’t be him. I always think of him and the fun times we had he was my baby 😦 i feel your pain and i wish you the best.


  14. Wren – Saw your update. Glad you’re home and able to do your own care. Of course we tough old girls just keep putting one foot in front of the other when the times are tough, even if they are tiny, tiny steps. Sounds like a heck of a brace they put on you. Hope all continues on a positive path in healing up. Will miss you, but know you need your time to heal up.


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