Just when you thought it was warm enough for shorts …

You know that sweet, warm spring weather I’ve been out walking in the last couple of days? Fuggedabowdit. Today’s weather:

It's snowing on my just-opened wisteria blossoms. Wahhhh!

I’ve watched the temperature drop this morning from 36 to 28. It was so nice yesterday we all forgot to bring wood in for the stove. So right now, the house is cold, and with my achy hands, I’m going to have to make Mr Wren and Matt bring a load of wood inside. And yes, I’m pretty sore from overdoing it on the trail the last two days. I’ve been worse, so I won’t complain too hard, but jeez. Spring. Blink, and the weather changes …

5 thoughts on “Just when you thought it was warm enough for shorts …

  1. Oh, Wren – your weather is so up and down!

    I’ll comment here on the last couple of posts as well. What an inspiring thing it is to see you so committed to your health. It definitely IS difficult, and I know there are so many things I tell myself I’ll do “tomorrow”. It’s so easy.

    I’m glad you got out for what was clearly such a beautiful walk with Finny. I’d want to spend all day out there!

    I’m thinking of you and, as always, reading all of your updates with excitement and admiration.


  2. Wren: Both the weather and the hips changing? Wonder if they’re related? Bad weather makes my joints go nuts. Maybe keeping a log of when you feel this disjointed feeling to take with you mid-May when you see the rheumy might lend some insight. Is it after you’ve exercised more than usual, is it the weather, or is it really a change due to increased RA activity? Good luck! Stay warm!


    • Thanks, Carla, that’s a very good idea; I’ll do it. Just got off the phone with my mom — she wants me to do whatever I can to see my rheumatologist before the regular appointment date. I don’t have much hope for that, but I promised her I’ll try. It’s Thursday; the weather is still quite chilly and damp, and my hips are still sore and loose-ish. Hands aren’t feeling so great, either, but that’s more normal. Sigh. Onward.


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