How my garden grows

Here’s a few photos from some of the work out in the garden I’ve done over the last

"Whatcha lookin' at? Yeahhhh we're sharin'. It's really hard, though."

couple of days. And some gratuitous pet shots. I can’t help myself. Note the PIB and Finny shot. I didn’t force them to pose like that, honest!

The front garden/driveway got the spring cleanup treatment first. I didn’t take pictures of it, but I cleared out some melting cardboard and other trash that was left over after Mr. Wren made a dump run the other day. Then I swept and swept. There’s more out there to do, lots of pruning and weeding, but I really wanted to get busy on the back garden, where we are growing vegetables now and will grow many more before the season ends in October.

No machete necessary, now.

The first thing I needed to do was make the path between the chicken pen and the first bed, which have artichokes and asparagus grown in them, walkable. It was totally grown-over by the climbing roses and shrub dogwoods that shade the chicken pen. So I took my trusty clippers to the viney, tangled mess. You can see the result. In fact, you can actually see all the way past the hen-house to the tarps in the neighbor’s yard. I also did a fair amount of weeding.

This pleases me. I like to be able to walk around the garden without needing a machete. But there’s a whole lot left to do. All those straw bales that formed the garden beds last spring and summer are rotting away; I need to cut the strings barely holding them in place, then break the straw up and rake it

Straw-bale gardening wasn't a total success last year, so once these beds are dismantled, I'm going to plant into the ground directly, unless I can get Mr Wren to build me some more raised beds. Not holding my breath.

out, all over the high, grassy weeds that are coming up everywhere. I’m hoping the straw will kill off the weeds, which become foxtails by late spring.

Then will be raking and tilling up the soil so I can plant. That shouldn’t take too long; I’m not going to plant a huge garden this year. Just a reasonable one. I hope.

I still can’t let Finny run loose in the garden; Mr Wren hasn’t gotten to the fence-fixing yet. So while

Mmmmm. Chicken on the hoof!

I was outside this morning, I tied him (Finny, not Mr Wren)  to the chicken pen. He’s fascinated by our old brood of Rhode Island red hens; they’re equally fascinated by Finny. So everyone was happy.

Eventually, Logan wandered over to see what that little party-crasher was so excited about, yawned (chickens are no big deal to Logan) and flopped in the shade of an old cedar. It’s the closest the two dogs have gotten to each other voluntarily since Finny moved in. Slowly but surely, the pack is accepting him.

And now, I’m taking a rest.

It's not hot yet, but the shade is still nice ...

4 thoughts on “How my garden grows

  1. So nice to see the animals starting to get along! And so nice to hear your plans for your garden and to see the progress you made – well done! Can’t wait to see more pictures as things start to grow! 🙂 L


  2. Finny certainly looks content in his new home. Looks like the brood has come to an understanding.


  3. Hi Wren, Interested to read about your life and experienes with RA. I live in Victoria Australia and (as mentioned elsewhere on your blog) was diagnosed when I was 12 (35 years ago). Like you I enjoy animals and self sufficiency. We live on 10 acres and have a vegie garden/ fruit trees etc. I have a poodle named Smixy/Taffy/Velcro/ who had to get a tooth removed yesterday after being bashed up by Quinny his Labador cousin over Easter! He is a total ratbag – always in trouble of some sort and totally spoilt. I was interested to read that you once rode horses – Is that right? I too rode most of my life but unfortunately had to sell my lovely horse (how do I upload photos?) four years ago, when my neck deteriorated as a result of RA. I am now on extended leave from work (I am a social planner in local government) after a C1-T2 fusion on Oct -09 and now an upcoming TKR. I am lucky that my partner rides and I can get my horse “fix” everyday still. Enjoying your blogg.


  4. Hi Annie — glad that you’re enjoying RheumaBlog. Yes, I rode for many years as a teenager and for while in my 30s. I’ve always loved horses — and other beasties, as is obvious. I hope your recovery from surgery goes smoothly and with a minimum of pain; same for the next one coming up. Thanks for commenting!


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