Tummy magic?

I rarely have trouble with my stomach — thankfully, up to this point in my rheuma experience I haven’t had the “flu-like” symptoms so many people suffer with along with RA — so when my tummy does act up, I’m sort of at a loss. Usually, a sick tum goes with a stomach bug. But this one … I don’t think so. I’m just mildly nauseous.

So I’m drinking ginger tea and trying to ignore it. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

UPDATE: I just ran across this article from Reuters. Seems that studies are finding that moderate drinking may slow the progression of RA and, in those who haven’t got it yet, may actually prevent it. On the other hand, the same studies indicated that heavier drinking makes RA worse (the article didn’t quantify what constitutes “moderate” or “heavy” drinking).

Most of us with RA take meds that are rather dicey, liver-wise, so we’re advised not to drink while taking them. And of course, drinking can have its own fairly serious consequences. I’m not much of a drinker anyway; I like an occasional glass of wine with dinner, and I love sipping scotch, but I don’t indulge in either anymore. My liver has enough to handle, thankyewverymuch!

The authors of the study stress that they don’t recommend those of us with RA should start drinking. They haven’t figured out why alcohol seems to have this possibly beneficial effect. But it’s interesting, isn’t it? I wonder what substance it is in alcohol that inhibits inflammation? Maybe they’ll find out …

7 thoughts on “Tummy magic?

  1. Plain crackers or toast, soda (bubbles seem to help), crystalized ginger – those are my go-tos. Sleep & time are sometimes the only answer, though. Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Ginger in any form is wonderful but blands work for me too. Dry rye toast, saltines, anything of that sort settles my tummy. Hope you are on the mend soon.


  3. I eat ginger crystals when my mtx upsets my stomach, They work well and keep for a very long time in the freezer. They are also very easy to make. There are a lot of recipes on the web. Feel better soon.


  4. I’m often nauseuous (like you said, I just blame it on those flu-like symptoms of RA) and find that ginger tea and peppermint tea both work well for me. Sometimes caffeine also helps, though I’m not sure why. If I’m feeling particularly disgusting, a Coke (very bad, I know, but such a treat!) or cup of black tea with a bit of milk and honey can pick me up.

    I hope your tum is feeling better soon!

    Interesting study, as well. I wonder what it is about alcohol that could help RA. I drink a little – wine and my beloved gin and tonics – but should probably be reducing that amount even more now that I’m upping mtx. Sigh.


  5. Saltines are my good too upset stomach cure, followed shortly there after by mint tea, plain bread, and rice. Beyond that, its sit and wait, nether of which I am good at, particularly for upset stomachs.


  6. I’ve been munching candied ginger for the past week or so since I posted about feeling nauseated, too, and I have to say I haven’t been feeling anywhere near as sick. Now what to do about all the calories that candied ginger must have in it? (Let’s face it, plain ginger just isn’t as appealing!)

    Hope you feel better soon!

    🙂 L


  7. I’ve been lucky with meds in terms of having no nausea, and very rarely get any stomach bugs. I never thought of the “flu like” symptoms of RA as including nausea though. I figured they mainly meant the aches, pains, fatigue and perhaps fever. I don’t check my temp unless I think I’m sick, but sure do have the aches, pains and fatigue pretty much every day, just sometimes worse than others. I do have a big flare going in my “better” wrist right now, but I assume that’s due to having had to go off mtx for some 10 weeks due to a recurring infection. And with some of the 126 weather patterns in four and twenty hours, both wrists are not too happy right now, much less other joints not quite so affected. I saw something about that alcohol research too Wren. I thought it said not so much that it prevents it but seems to slow the damage down. It did only follow patients for 4 years though. But I thought to myself, well dang it, I don’t need to take these expensive meds, I’ll just stop the meds and replace them with drinks in the AM and PM! After all, the meds only slow things down too! 🙂


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