Walking toward a cure

A few months ago I decided to register for the Athritis Foundation’s 2010 Athritis Walk in Sacramento, the nearest city to my hometown.

It’s a pleasant, three-mile walk around one of Sacramento’s nicest old parks, William Land Park, and I’m looking forward to it. I do need to start getting my lazy self back into some semblance of shape and physical fitness, though. I’d hate to poop out halfway through the walk!

As you know, AF puts on Athritis Walks all over the country to help raise funds, not only for reseach into a cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but also for classes and education for those who suffer with this disease. I’m showing my support for the cause by walking, but I’m also trying to raise $500 in donations. If you’d like to donate on my behalf and support my walk, please click http://sacramentoarthritiswalk.kintera.org/wrenswalk. You can either donate online or download a form you can send by snail-mail.

Thank you!