Snow and blessings

Snow, snow, snow.

It started snowing at about 10 this morning. Big, fat, slow drifty flakes that settled on the ground and disappeared into nothing a few moments later. Sunset-splashed house finches and stripy sparrows fluttered and chirped around our cylinder bird feeders, competing for the black niger seeds. On the garden soil below them hopped and scrambled chubby, tri-colored Oregon juncos and a pair of busy, orange-eyed rufous towhees.

All of the birds, their minds on brunch, totally ignored the snowflakes.

It’s 3:30 p.m. now. The snowflakes stuck and layered. We have 6 inches of pristine white snow coating the world outside. The temperature has gone up a few degrees so it’s starting to melt a little, but it’s beautifully still out there, save for the sound of drips and the long, sudden shhhhhhh of snow as it slides in clumps off the tree branches. The birds have settled in beneath the snow roofs to roost, their small bellies full of seeds.

It’s lovely to have snow again. It won’t be around long; tomorrow is forecast to be a bit warmer, with no precipitation, so most of it will melt away. But while it’s here I’m enjoying it, glad I got my errands and appointments done yesterday. I don’t have to drive anywhere. I just feed the woodstove and think about making a pot of hot soup for supper tonight. I took a loaf of garlic-potato bread out of the freezer; I’ll toast it in slabs under the broiler to go with the soup.

My knuckles and fingers ache, but they’ve been worse. I’ll just count my blessings. There’s nothing like snow on a gray mid-winter day to bring home to me how lucky I am. I have a warm house, plenty of food, and a family that enjoys the snow and the quiet as much as I do. My daughter even got to take a snow day today, coming home early from work before the roads became impassible. Her eyes sparkling, she said it’s like a gift of time, a free run of hours during which she doesn’t have to do anything.

She graduates from college with a bachelors degree in business administration and marketing at the end of this month. After a few months off she’ll start on her master’s. She already has an associate’s degree in graphic design; she’s a talented and very creative artist. And I’m a very proud mum. She’s amazing, my wee elf-child who’s grown into a smart, beautiful, kind young woman.

She’s throwing snowballs for the dog and giggling when he leaps to catch them, chomping and spraying snow from both sides of his mouth. He lands in the snow, turns and waits for her to throw another, a wide doggy-smile on his foxy face.

Will I complain today about my rheuma? No. I’m smiling.

6 thoughts on “Snow and blessings

  1. Wren,

    This is a very sweet post. And it sounds like you have every reason to be a proud Mom, Wren. Although, how could one that has you for a mother be anything but a terrific person? You are always so supportive and encouraging to all of us! I also stopped into your Blue Wren blog today for the first time since I’m such a fan of your writing. It is also a worthwhile blog, but I think this one is probably a more passionately written one, which makes sense since you are so connected to the subject! I admire the stamina it must take to keep up with two of these sites. I’m intimidated!!! 😉

    – RA SB


  2. I LOVE this post. Sometimes we just have to put RA aside and enjoy the beauty of life. I am so glad you have family to share it with you. Enjoy!


  3. Lovely post – it’s SO important to count ones blessings now and then. ;o) Kind of what I started my blog to do, but I don’t do nearly enough of it!


  4. Sounds like a glorious day, Wren! I love a fresh snowfall. And it’s always so much fun to watch dogs out in the snow, isn’t it? They get such pleasure playing in it…something we could take some pointers from. Hope your hands feel better soon and you keep getting pleasure from the wonders of life and this world! 🙂 L


  5. Wren, this is very sweet. I can always count on you for the positives in life. You definately know what to do with sour lemons. Thanks for the reminder.


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