Don’t forget to vote …

Ack! WarmSocks (∞ itis) and I are wayyyy behind in the running for Best Patient Blog in Medgadget’s 2009 Medical Weblog Awards! One of us just HAS to win — what a great way to educate others about rheumatoid arthritis.

You can help — there’s still time. Go vote once each day from now until Feb. 14; if you have more than one computer, you can vote more than once. Tell your friends, too. Ask them to tell theirs.

Click HERE

Anyway, please go vote. Just click on the golden trophy  image to the right. It only takes a minute or so, even if you vote in the other categories, too. Also in the running are StorytellERdoc in both the Best New Medical Blog and Best Literary Blog categories. It’s a wonderful blog written by an ER physician. And everyone’s favorite, Dr. Rob of Musings of a Distractable Mind is in the running for 2009 Best Medical Weblog. Llamas and all.

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