Weasel Words

Weasel Words

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I believe the two most disheartening words you can hear from a doctor are “chronic pain.” As in “You have chronic pain.”

Or worse, “You just have chronic pain.” This was what a rheumatologist, one of the rotating team of doctors I see these days, told me recently. The reason? My hands hurt even though my lab tests looked fabulous and there was no visible swelling or redness in my joints. This doc didn’t know why, so he said, his frustration with me plain in his voice, “You just have chronic pain.”

Ah. Well. That explains everything.

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3 thoughts on “Weasel Words

  1. Ouch Wren – I do really feel for you. Of course if your hyperactive nerves are sending pain signals to the brain, rather than it being active disease (and that is a BIG IF) then it’s still not ‘imaginary’. Your nerves are sending the impulses, and the brain is acting on them just as it would any other impulse from any other nerve caused by acute pain. ‘Imaginary’ to my mind, is caused by the brain itself. And chronic pain, at least here in the UK, is generally being taken a bit more seriously – but we don’t have the opioid crisis … YET! The fact that the doc just washed his hands of you is really poor though – so depressing. I hope you can see another doctor soon and get some more positive help – and yes, if it’s a course of goodness knows what, meditation, mindfulness, whatever, MAYBE it’ll work so still wroth a try, and if it doesn’t it doesn’t … but at least they will have tried something, not just effectively said, ‘Get out of my office, your RA’s OK.’

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  2. So sorry you’re becoming so frustrated. I have always been told that the chronic pain is from the damage that has been done by the ra. My doctor explained that even when my ra is under control there is often pain from the previous damage. Pain is pain and weather it is from your ra or the ra damage or nerve damage it is still pain and should be addressed. It is tremendously unfortunate that people who have had responsible pain treatment for years are being treated like addicts and have to see a pain management specialist just to refill a long standing PRN med but that’s what is happening. This war on chronic pain sufferer is ridiculous in many ways not the least of which is making people feel like junkies because they take a tramadol so they can work each day. Stand strong, you have legitimate pain and it should not be taken lightly by your doctor.

    Good luck with the new biological.

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  3. Ahh heck Wren, it is just chronic pain. LOL. I could not resist.

    I am so fortunate to have a doctor who never says that. If anything he is way over the line the other way. I am sorry you do not have a similar circumstance.

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