Rosacea and RD

I’ve been fighting an annoying rosacea flare since November last year. It’s sort of fun (and


WC Fields illustration by Rocky Sawyer

sardonic) to blame it on the outcome of the presidential election, but I doubt that’s what actually triggered it. Like that famous old comedian and actor WC Fields,  I’ve had the skin disease for decades, now. In my case, it comes and goes without warning.

Increased inflammation in my body is what causes my rosacea to flare, making my face look like a summer strawberry year-round. My autoimmune rheumatoid disease causes that systemic inflammation. And that brings up my next leap of logic: Might rosacea and rheumatoid disease be related?

Find out here. 

2 thoughts on “Rosacea and RD

  1. My rheumatologist told me years ago that my rosacea was related to my RA. Frankly, I never noticed if my face gets worse when I flare. It is red most of the time and when I have a glass of wine I look like a cooked lobster.


  2. I’ve had rosacea for years too, longer than RA. Nobody had ever suggested a link between the two before – not the rheumatologist or the dermatologist, so thank you Wren for bringing this up! Very interesting indeed!


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