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It’s this @*#!! rheumatoid disease, which is making my hands feel like padded garden gloves filled with gravel, sand, and shattered glass. My feet are OK, today, and the rest of me feels just generally tender and battered. I figure this is how I’d feel after going a round with Ali and recuperating for a month…

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4 thoughts on “Catastrophe!

  1. Hi Wren: Yes, sometimes it’s hard not to go to the worst-case scenario, isn’t it? That being said, I’m sorry you’re have such a time! I’m doing pretty well although I’m about to decide that has more to do with the steroid shot for my hip bursitis than the new treatment plan. Hope to see you in April!


  2. Ooh Wren, you rotter – saw the headline and first few words this morning but didn’t have time to read it as busy at work, and had ‘poor Wren, sounds really bad’ in my head all day… Only to find, delightfully of course, that you’re ok!

    Excellent article though …. Couldn’t agree more about all your points!


  3. I never heard of that word, castastrophizing. But I know I’ve done just that. It’s so easy to fall into the ‘what if’ frame of mind when you’re having constant pain. What if the pain never lets up? What if it only gets worse? And hard to get into a ‘why not’ kind of attitude. Why not ignore the pain and go for a sunny walk in the park? Pain management is a fairly new field and all these new strategies to combat pain crop up. But pain is subjective. What works for me, may not work for you. I do hope they don’t shut the door, then lock it, against the help some of us may need from time to time. We should practice mindfulness, but so should those who are making such life-altering decisions for others. Until they walk in our shoes, they will not know what constant pain is.


  4. People who haven’t had chronic pain don’t understand how consuming it is – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have found ways to manage the pain the majority of the time and can push past the worst of getting moving in the morning, but there are times when I’m stuck in the pain-loop for a while. It’s completely exhausting.


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