The Joy Garden

The Joy GardenOh, it was such a nice day!

The late spring sun was shining and the air outside was as soft and warm as a caress. My husband, a master gardener, was on his way over to my Mom’s to help me tame a wildling umbrella plant. Living outside on her apartment’s small, half-shaded patio here in California’s hot Central Valley for the past 18 months, my little Schefflera plant had gleefully grown nearly two feet skyward. Most of the growth was on two branches, so that the plant resembled a giant “V.” The center was finally filling in nicely, too.

But it had outgrown its pot and was now so large I’d had to tie half of it to one of the posts supporting the upstairs apartment’s balcony…

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5 thoughts on “The Joy Garden

  1. Oh Wren, you must miss him so much! So sorry about the RA niggles too, but what a joyous memory to have…and if the memory needs refreshing you can read your lovely post!


  2. Wren, when SHeryla nd I were first married we had a Schefflera plant that we kept going for several years. We live in Indiana so the Schefflera plant was never outside, but it loved the sun. As it grew it got more particular and we called it baby Schiffy. We kept it going for about 10 years but it outgrew us and we had to let it go. It is the first thing that let us know we might be able to keep children going. LOL we made great Schefflera parents.


  3. What a wonderful day, Wren. Your garden must be beautiful. Working with my plants always lifts me up when I am down. Sometimes I just stand at my French doors and stare out at my patio filled with greenery for the sense of peace it gives me. I never thought of using Baby’s Breath as a decorative base around a plant. I’m going to have to try that, and I thank your hubby for the idea!


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