Smiling at RD

You’re in the midst of a rheumatoid flare. You’re hurting, fatigued, and feeling like a flattened bag of week-old French fries someone dropped in the parking lot. So when a friend or family member says to you, brightly (and sincerely), “A smile is the best medicine,” it’s likely to elicit a biting snarl—or at least a dramatic roll of the eyes—in response.

That’s perfectly human. But (and don’t hate me, please?) your friend is right—and science proves it…

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4 thoughts on “Smiling at RD

  1. Comparing how we feel during a flare to roadkill is so apropos! And it’s true, even a forced smile can make you feel better. What helps me also is knowing that it’s all temporary. Or as Scarlett used to say, “Tomorrow is another day.” I may have to think about it today, but perhaps not tomorrow. Be well.


  2. Yup, very true. I’ve been doing this for years on and off, when I remember, and it does work. I was in a foul mood all day and your timely reminder has really helped! So has having a laugh over your post! Thanks Wren!


  3. Here’s a smile for you to help lift you out of the bad days. 🙂 This post helped me get through a bad flare day. Thanks for the reminder of the power of a smile.


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