Ticker Trouble

The big nurse with the soul patch, great sense of humor, and easy, friendly smile Hypertensionzoomed me and my wheelchair down the hall with purpose. Trotting alongside us was a tired-looking primary care intern. She was holding a compact machine with small, blinking lights; the wires sprouting from it connected to the chilly little conductive dots they’d stuck all over my bare chest a few minutes before …

Read more about my high blood pressure scare at RheumatoidArthritis.net.

2 thoughts on “Ticker Trouble

  1. Oh my gosh! How scary. I am so glad you’re on medication and doing better. You and I can be friends working on our weight-loss goals and lowering our blood pressure.


  2. You are so lucky you kept that appointment, for sure!. RA is a sneaky beast. Seems I will be on my BP med for forever and a day. I take it willingly as it also serves to help my eye. My BP is pretty much within normal limits so I don’t complain about the extra pill. It’s an extra precaution. Like you, I have to get serious about more exercise and less weight, watching my diet and eating healthy. Easier said than done when you are tied to a desk and the hours fly by before you know it. Hope you are doing better, Wren. Take good care of yourself. Sending you good thoughts.


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