No time for naps

Until recently, I wasn’t much of a napper. There was always too much life to live napping kittenand too much to do. I didn’t want to waste any time sleeping during the day, even when my rheumatoid disease gave me a lot of pain.

I lived for my first 14 years with RD blaming my near constant, bone-deep fatigue on being in pain, on being busy, and on poor sleep. Fourteen years of feeling guilty if I took a nap. Imagine my surprise when I learned, after having RD for roughly 20 years, that one of its major symptoms is fatigue. That it hits no matter how well you’ve slept, and regardless of your pain level…


2 thoughts on “No time for naps

  1. We have so much in common. I was diagnosed with RA six months after I moved to Germany. I struggled with guilt for taking naps and taking narcotics for pain (Yep, the ONLY medicine that works for the intense pain). I started painting again to ease my mind. A year later, I am not any better; I’m worse with one exception–I’ve learned to accept I have this. No more denial. No more, “if I push hard enough it will go away.” I work with what I have day by day and just do the best I can. I steer clear of self-pity and look for the positives in my life–and there are many–so that I don’t get consumed by RA. I have not found a good rheumatologist. I live 30 minutes from Bonn and wonder if you can recommend someone? I’m so glad I subscribed to your blog. It me know I am not alone with this disease. Thank you.


    • Hi, Tina!
      We really do have a lot in common! I’m impressed with your acceptance and attitude–these are awfully hard to adjust so soon after being diagnosed. I really do believe that approaching life with RD with as much optimism as possible is key to living well with it.

      You know, I do have a suggestion for a rheumatologist. (It surprised me, too!) I know Herr Dr. Kirsch through social media(Twitter, blog comments); he’s very active in the international rheumatology community, and I know if I had an opportunity to have him as my doctor, I’d jump at it. You can google him for more information, but here’s a start:

      Herr Dr. med. Lothar M. Kirsch
      Hauptstraße 74
      40668 Meerbusch

      +49 2150 917174

      He’s closer to Dusseldorf than Bonn, but maybe that can work for you. If nothing else, he may be able to suggest a rheumatologist closer to you. An added plus: he speaks good English if your German is chancy, like mine. 😉

      Best of luck finding a good rheumatologist. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you’ll come back again. 😀


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