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I’ve just got to tell you! I’ve reached an significant milestone in my long battle with the rheuma-dragon: wearing wrist braces.

Wow! Earth-shaking, right? I know, I know. Pretty low on the excitement scale, isn’t it. But here’s the thing: I’ve tried using wrist braces in the past, and I’ve always ended up taking the miserable things off within a few hours. Purchased at a drugstore, in the smallest adult size available, they were nevertheless too big, heavy, clunky, and uncomfortable. Within a few minutes my aching wrist was aching even worse. What’s more, it wasn’t long before the stiff brace began chafing the skin around my thumb where it meets the palm, the top of my hand at the knuckles, and where the brace ended on my forearm. Finally, the

AN IMAK COMPRESSION GLOVE with an elastic support bandage helped with wrist pain, but wrapping and unwrapping was a PITA.

AN ISOTONER COMPRESSION GLOVE with a sticky elastic support bandage helped with wrist pain, but wrapping and unwrapping was a PITA.

rigid metal bar inside the brace, meant to prevent my wrist from bending too far, in fact merely impeded any attempt at normal movement.

It was all very frustrating.  Having some sort of wrist support when my wrists flared would have been a relief, but after trying a couple of different brands, I gave up. In the end, I just wrapped my hand and wrist firmly with an elastic support bandage. It was cumbersome and came undone easily, but it was better than nothing.

So you can imagine how intrigued I was when I ran across the Wellgate for WomenWellgate for Women PerfectFit Wrist Support PerfectFit Wrist Support on Amazon.com. The company claimed these braces were light and slim, made with the slender contours of a woman’s wrist in mind. Furthermore, the company claimed they were actually comfortable.

Unconvinced, I added them to my wish-list. They were a bit pricey–$18.99–and I needed two, since I never knew which wrist was going to act up. Having been burned on this type of product in the past, I wanted to think about it before I spent that much.

Months passed. And then a couple of weeks ago I was glancing through my Amazon Wish List again. My wrists have been giving me particular hell over the last couple of months, so I pulled up the info on the Wellgate braces again. They were still tempting, but …

… Oh … oh, wait!

The price had dropped considerably. I almost couldn’t afford not to get them! And they were rated four-and-a-half stars out of five, with more than 900 reviews.

So I took the risk and ordered braces for each hand. I figured if they didn’t work out I’d just send them back and get a refund.

I WEAR MY Wellgate for Women PerfectFit Wrist Support, Left Hand, with my Imak Compression Glove. I have a brace and glove for the right hand, as well.

I WEAR MY Wellgate for Women PerfectFit Wrist Support, Left Hand, with my Imak Compression Glove. I have a brace and glove for the right hand, as well.

Well, no way that’s gonna happen! You’d have to shoot me to get my new wrist braces away from me now. I mean, I. Love. These. Things! They’re everything Wellgate claims they are: soft and comfortable (made with memory foam), slim and form-fitting, plenty of support, lightweight, and they fit neatly beneath long sleeves. They don’t rub, cause hot spots, or chafe my skin. They’re also pretty decent-looking for something as dull and utilitarian as a body-part brace. The artist in me approves.

But best of all, these braces work. Wearing them lowers my pain levels. There’s a stiff support sewn into them, but it isn’t hard and obstrusive. It’s gentle. The braces are fully adjustable for tightness, too. The part around the thumb and palm fits close, with no gaps, and it feels good and secure. The only time I really notice I have them on is when I try to bend my wrist more than 10 degrees in any direction. They stop the movement gently but firmly, without raising my aggravation meter.

Finally, the materials they’re made of breathe. My skin got hot, damp, and sticky in no time when I wore the old braces. These don’t, though–and that’s even when I also wear my Imak or Isotoner gloves (for the extra compression and warmth). The Wellgates seem to be extremely well-made, too, with secure stitching and high-quality materials. I’ll let you know if they start falling apart, but honestly, I don’t expect them to. They’ll probably outlast me.

Wellgate didn’t ask me to promote this product, and I’m not getting any sort of payment or reward for doing so from them or anyone else. I just wanted to pass along this very good news about their very, very good wrist supports/braces to people who I know will really appreciate it. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Wrist Watch

  1. Thanks for this info! Btw, I have the Imak compression gloves and wear them habitually. They are FANTASTIC as well.


    • I like my Imak gloves a lot, too, Inicole. I just wish they’d make them in a color other than charcoal. Beige, brown, black, cream, even bright colors like red, blue, yellow, or green. I don’t want much, do I … 😉

      If you buy the Wellgate wrist supports, do let me know how they work for you, k? And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Hope this finds you feeling well!


      • Color would be nice! I shouldn’t but I tend to feel a little self conscious in them (even though I love and swear by them) because they seem to attract more attention than I care for. People inquiring why I’m wearing gloves without tips, why I’m wearing them inside (at work), etc. It becomes one of those “I’d love to “really” explain what life is like with RA but they just aren’t going to get it” situations. Just let me wear my hobo gloves and leave me alone! Ha.


  2. Not too fond of my wrist splints. I’ll keep these in mind. It may be time for a change. Fortunately, I don’t need mine very often.


    • Hi, Mary! It’s great to hear from you!

      I hadn’t needed wrist splints for a long time–and even whey I did, I didn’t bother with the ones I’d purchased before. They were just too much trouble and too uncomfortable. But–and this is the absolute truth–I’ve been wearing these Wellgates for the last three days, almost non-stop. That’s how much better they’ve made my wrists (and hands!) feel.

      I’m glad you don’t need wrist splints very often. Let’s hope it stays that way! I hope this finds you feeling well and enjoying springtime in your part of the country. 🙂


  3. Thank you so much. I’m gathering info like this all in one folder, hoping I don’t need it, but have it accessible if I do. Sorry your wrists are giving you fits, but I’m so happy that you’ve found something that helps.


  4. Thanks for sharing about a brace that works for you! I already went on Amazon and added them to a “Wish List” (though I WISH I never need them) just in case! My wrists are deteriorating, but I don’t quite need braces yet. Actually I found a fitness product (these elastic wrist wraps) that I bought to do yoga that I actually wear when my wrist pain is worst – two bird ones stone! The best part is that they come in fun patterns which makes wearing them outside of yoga fun. The Wonder Woman star pattern is my favorite, because aren’t we all wonder women?! Thanks for the helpful post!


  5. Oh, how wonderful. I know how bothersome your wrists can be. So delighted you found something that works and even more delighted that you shared this great product with the rest of us. Hugs.


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