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7 thoughts on “Wren Interviewed

  1. It was quite interesting reading about the “olden days” before the medicines we have today. When I visited my rheumy last, she had a medical student who was observing with her. I told him I had been diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago and he commented then that I should feel lucky that I wasn’t diagnosed “back in the 80’s” when there wasn’t much but aspirin to treat RA. I’m sorry you’ve had the disease (and its challenges) for so long and that the “modern” biologic hasn’t worked (yet). But I’ve always loved your outlook and your gentle sense of humor. Those certainly shine through in the interview.


  2. Lisa says:

    Very well written. I felt as though you could not have described our battles any better. Although I did have to snicker when I saw the word “contracted” used from the author. Interesting choice! Cheers to you for speaking up for all of “us” , it was just the encouragement I needed today. Hugs.


  3. Kim says:

    It’s amazing how you end up reading something at just the right moment. Thank you for sharing your story, it was what I needed today.

    Sometimes it’s easy to want to give in to the one man pity party, but when you make the decision to stop focusing on the negatives and find the positives instead, things just seem to improve overall. ( I know that, but sometimes reminders are very much needed) 🙂

    I think when we are faced with a chronic illness, surrounding ourselves with optimistic people is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.


  4. Jules says:

    You, my friend, continue to be an inspiration. Sending you much love!


  5. Wow, cool! Great interview!


  6. mary says:

    Sounds so familiar, the gold and plaquanil. Boy we have come a long way. Very nice interview. Thank goodness for the internet for info and connections.


  7. Irma says:

    Terrific interview, Wren. I can well imagine your frustration in dealing with a disease that few knew how to treat back then. I have run the gamut of blaming myself, others and no one for this disease, but as you say it just is and we have to deal with it on a dally basis. Thanks for spreading the word about what it’s like to live with it.


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