Toasty Tootsies

I got an email recently from a company called Heat Holders, asking me to try their product, write up a review and post it here on RheumaBlog.

Heat Holders makes ultra-warm thermal socks, tights, boot socks, leggings, slipper socks, gloves, mittens, and hats.

I said I’d be pleased to. I didn’t mention that even though it was mid-March,HeatHoldersSocks “winter” still hadn’t arrived in northern California. (So far, it still hasn’t unless you count a few short days of rain with temps in the mid-50s here and there as winter.)

Living at my mother’s house in the low foothills means that I never need anything thicker than a regular sock to keep my feet warm and comfortable. But my rheuma-dragon has gotten a lot more active lately. If he starts gnawing on my feet, keeping them as warm as possible will shoot to the top of my treatment list.

Since the dragon remains fixated on my hands, I decided to give the thermal sample/review pair of HH socks to Mom. Her feet are, in her words, “frozen” all the time. Heat Holders SocksYear-round. Seriously. So, I thought, maybe socks called Heat Holders will thaw them out!

The Heat Holders arrived in the mail a few weeks later. Wow, I thought as I took them out of the mailing envelope, these really are thick. They were also a bright, reddish-purple color which just so happens to match Mom’s pajamas and bathrobe. Perfect.

The outside of the socks are densely woven, thick, specially developed acrylic yarn. Inside, on all sides from the top of the sock to the toe, there’s a thick layer of … fluff (the only word I can think of to describe it.) It’s incredibly soft and warm to the touch. It traps warmth and keeps it close to the skin.

Mom absolutely loves her Heat Holders. She tells me that when she wears them, her feet stay toasty warm. She even wears them to bed. They don’t lose any of their heat-trapping power after going through the wash, either.

The company says Heat Holders are non-binding and diabetic-friendly. They’ll even warm up feet that have circulation problems.

You can purchase Heat Holders directly from the Heat Holders website, here. I’m getting some for myself soon–Mom said she’s not giving up the sample pair!


8 thoughts on “Toasty Tootsies

  1. Well, our winter hasn’t been as bad as many other places, but it has been damp and cold, perfect conditions for “the old lady” to thrive. Spring is finally arriving, but I may look into those to keep me warm next winter 😉


    • Having warm feet feels SO good when it’s damp and cold–I remember from when I lived near Olympia, WA and in Northern Germany. I’d have loved these socks back then. And I AM going to get myself a couple of pairs just in case my dragon decides to start chewing on my feet. Best wishes to you, J! 🙂


  2. Sitting here in my freezing cold office (it’s always freezing on a Monday morning through winter and spring as there’s no heat on at the weekend) I must say these sound divine!


    • Yep, Polly–sounds like these socks are just made for you. Their website has a British version, as well, so no long waits for mailing over the Big Water or trying to figure out the currency exchange rates, etc. Stay warm! ;D


  3. Living in Miami, I don’t have to worry about cold weather too often. But, there’s no way I can sleep if my feet are cold. I might look into getting a pair, just in case!


    • These socks might work for you if you live in a chilly, air-conditioned house, Irma. As I stated in the post, Mom has cold feet no matter what the season is. We keep the AC at 75 degrees in the summer, and she still huddles under her heated sofa throw. At least now her feet will be warm! I hope you’ll like these tootsie toasters, even in Miami!


  4. I am definitely going to order a hat and mittens. My hands get so cold walking the dogs at night. Thanks for the information!


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