Drama queen

“If aches and pains are like a light summer rain, arthritis is like a storm, and rheumatoid arthritis is like a hurricane.
–from “Conquering Rheumatoid Arthritis”
by William Bensen, Wynn Bensen, and Martin H. Atkinson

What an elegant description!

Now, maybe this sentence didn’t stun you like it did me when I read it for the first time last night. I just sat there, breath caught, and contemplated it for a while. It’s … it’s … it’s … a perfectly elegant analogy for a rheumatoidhurricane-RA arthritis flare.

For me, RA is the physical equivalent of monster-size clouds and gale-force winds; of slashing, drenching, merciless sideways rain that just goes on and on and on until …

suddenly, it’s gone. And the sun comes out.

And you’re left with the ruins.

When I look at my hands, I see hillocks between my knucklebones where valleys should be. The small, tough muscles feel turgid and feverish, and my skin, which has always been a perfect fit, has somehow shrunk a size. And yet, someone other than me looking at my hands probably wouldn’t see anything “off.” They’d just think I was, maybe, a bit of a hypochondriac. A drama queen.

The damned hurricane is invisible, too.

5 thoughts on “Drama queen

  1. carlascorner

    I agree. What a great description. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope your new freelance work is going well and the hands are doing better.


  2. Lisa

    I’ve been reading along here and there for a couple of months. Unfortunately I can relate to many a post but without it I wouldn’t have found your blog! The hurricane analogy is spot on.
    Congrats on the writing and best wishes.


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