The burning question

So as I was sipping my first cup of coffee this morning, trying to wake up and waiting for my joints to un-stiffen, I ran across this important news: “Kate Middleton Won’t Name Her Favorite Piece of Clothing.”


Well, jeez, Kate! (I mean, Your Majesty!) Why not? The whole world, stunned and saddened by too many news articles about the terrible, heartbreaking, tragic and catastrophic devastation in the Philippines, waits with bated breath. We must know! Surely you have a favorite piece of clothing!

I know I do. Here, let me demonstrate how easy it is to answer this burning question.

My favorite piece of clothing is—wait for it—pajamas.

Yes, pajamas. Really. Because, think about it, what article(s) of clothing is more totally comfortable than pajamas? Oh, the thin, soft knits. The cozy flannels.

Really, who could resist these?

Really, who could resist these?

The cool, slippery silks and rayons. I would never have known I look good in red if not for the gift of Christmas pajamas! And some pajamas are just so pretty! Oh, the nightgowns! The sleek loungers!

The only pajamas—and the word “pajamas” doesn’t quite fit them, anyway—I don’t like are those short, silly ones called “teddies.” They make grown women look infantile and ridiculous. And they usually have scratchy lace on them, which is a real no-no in my book.

So, stop being so prim and diplomatic, Kate! Tell the world what your fave piece of clothing is! We’ll try to muster up a little smile as we donate to the relief efforts in the ravaged Philippines. Because, really, what’s more important?

8 thoughts on “The burning question

  1. Welll done, Wren! 😀
    At first when I read that she won’t name her favorite clothing, I was perplexed. Fred? George? Anna? Who names their clothes? I’m just happy if I can get mine washed and dried. Back into the dressers is a bonus. Naming it?! I have too many other things to do. Your interpretation makes so much more sense 🙂

    My heart breaks over the devastation in the Philippines.


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  3. I’m with Kate, I can’t decide either. It’s definitely a toss up between my sweats and my pajamas. I think the sweats have an advantage because if I really, really have to, I can wear them in public. The pajamas — not so much. (Unless, based on observations of other, I am going to Walmart …)

    I know that fashion is a major industry and trends are significant to many, but the older I get and the more I look at the world around me, the less important it is to me. So much more important is the suffering and violence our world experiences every day.

    Well said, Wren.


  4. Be grateful girls! I am a Brit (for my sins). I live in Italy. But I’m expected to think Kate and child are the best thing since sliced bread. You at least escape THAT. Yawn…

    No sorry – can’t do pYjamas (note the subtle difference?). Carla – I gather the answer to jammies to wear everywhere is onesies. And one UK newspaper has the latest trend: a twinsie (though it seems that Asda, the UK’s version of Walmart, offered a twosie last February)


  5. Wren, thank you for this post! I agree, pajamas are the most comfortable of clothing! Donating to the Red Cross or your Church’s charitable organization is a good idea.


  6. WarmSocks – in the UK a onesie for babies used to be called a babygro (when mine were small, 30+ years ago). Isn’t it amazing what you find out on Wiki – did you know “onesie” and “babygro” are like “hoover”: the trademarks that have become the generic name! Onesie didn’t make it across the Atlantic until they grew up to be big person sized.
    I remember having a couple of roll neck sweaters that had poppers under the crotch so they didn’t ride up under jeans. In retrospect, although there was never a cold gap, they were a pita!


  7. Haha! My favorite item of clothing is a simple sundress, the kind made out of t-shirt material. Here in Texas it is hot enough that you can wear them most of the year…and I even saw someone this morning (it’s 36 degrees, unheard of!) wearing one with tights and a sweater overtop.


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