Untamed, unfortunately

For the last three days I’ve been, like a lion-tamer with a whip and a woodenTamingLion chair, fending off a real lion of a cold.

The creature ambushed my aunt on Christmas Eve. She’s still got the cough. Then it jumped my mom on New Year’s Eve and flattened her for a week, making her feel so awful she was barely able to get out of bed. Today marks her first decent day since then.

So, hoping to keep myself from catching it, I’ve been drinking lemon-lime Airborne three times a day. I figure the mega-doses of vitamins, in addition to the multivitamin tablet I swallow every morning, can’t really do me any harm and maybe, just maybe, they might keep the cold virus from setting up housekeeping in my respiratory system. I’ve been drinking lots of water and washing my hands frequently, too. I’ve been doing my best to get plenty of sleep. I’m staying nice and warm.

But I have a sinking feeling that it’s all for naught. This afternoon my throat feels sandpapery. My head feels like it’s packed tight with cotton batting. I can visualize my sinuses. My eyes feel hot. My voice is going squeaky. And I’m tired for no good reason.

Sigh. It got me.


9 thoughts on “Untamed, unfortunately

  1. That bug is making the rounds here also. Went to pick one of my dogs up from the vet today and the tech that handed me my bill was hacking and coughing. Between that and all the coughing at work I’m hoping to get lucky and not pick anything up. It’s a nasty bug indeed. Take the time to rest and feel better soon


  2. Oh dear, i hope this will pass speedily and without too much bother. I have seen a science report (which has made the rounds in various forms and shapes across the media) that the most effective ways to avoid viral infection of the upper respiratory tract (that nasty cold or flu) are 1: wash your hands often, 2: sleep and 3: air your rooms regularly as these critters are passed by moist hands, moist air as well as coughs and sneezes – and they have a life of their own in the stale air of overheated rooms. The rest is occupational therapy, apparently. But another article claims that vit C seems to alleviate or even shorten an already exkisting viral infection.
    Whatever, get better soon and pamper yourself for a while.


  3. Oh no – poor you! A lot of people have been hit over here too, including a couple of friends of mine who had to cancel all their Christmas/New Year plans due to terrible colds! I hope yours is speedily better!


  4. Ah, man. I’m sorry. Sending healing hugs your way. Do take care of yourself. (And here’s wishing that it is a cold and not the flu!)


  5. Bummer Wren. Hope it’s just a cold and not the flu that’s going around. Take care of yourself.


  6. Wren, I am so sorry. It seems to be making it’s way around. My family had it in NC and brought it out to the West Coast. You have them to thank! I have been lucky so far but I know it only a matter of time… Feel better soon. Liquids, sleep, keep warm and watch some movies!


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