A MacMasterful birthday present

Last night,  for my birthday, Mr Wren took me out to dinner at a favorite restaurant. Afterward, rather than point the car toward home he drove it in the opposite direction. He refused to say where we were going. He just smiled mysteriously.

Eventually, we arrived at the Three Stages at Folsom Lake College in Folsom—and my sweet man produced two tickets for world-class Cape Breton Celtic fiddler Natalie MacMaster’s one-night-only, sold-out performance.

Oh, what a huge surprise! I absolutely love Celtic music. I love the jigs, the reels, the laments and the aires. I love the jaunty, foot-tapping liveliness of the beat and the whimsical, whirling complexity of the tunes. A live performance of Celtic music is guaranteed to burst with wild energy, a here-and-now, pull-out-the-stops, gleeful celebration of life, laughter and camaraderie. And MacMaster, a native of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is one of the best Celtic fiddlers in the world.

She and her band were absolutely brilliant. So was her six-year-old daughter Mary Francis, who played an amazingly complex reel on a miniature fiddle. And when she was done, that talented little girl joined her mama in a lively step-dance. MacMaster grinned, fiddled and danced all at the same time!

The evening was such an unexpected and thoughtful gift from Mr Wren. He gave me happy music and a happy memory for my 56th birthday.

Curious about Natalie MacMaster? Watch and listen to her here.

13 thoughts on “A MacMasterful birthday present

  1. Love, love, love Natalie MacMaster!!! Wish she would take a turn on the east coast. I’ll have to check her site. Thanks for the link and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


  2. Oh happy belated birthday! And yes, I love that type of music as well. I bet you had a blast 🙂 And what a sweetie pie your hubby was to give you such a wonderful evening to remember!


  3. ♪♫ Liebe Zaunkönigen! I’m late to the party but here with many happy wishes for your Geburtstag! Hurrah! That is a spectacular surprise. So happy that you had a wonderful musical day!


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