Whadda weekend …

…the entire weekend, which I spent in the hospital when the cat-bite infection went south on me. I went to the ER on Friday afternoon because the bites looked like they might be getting worse, expecting nothing more than a stronger antibiotic prescription. Instead, they put me in the hospital for a round of stronger IV antibiotics and so they could keep a close eye on the infected bites. I came home today, armed with more oral antibiotics.  The condition of the bites  is back to about how they were at this time last week. I’ll write more when I’ve got a little more time, gang; probably tomorrow night. Right now it’s getting late and I’m due at my aunt and uncle’s house early tomorrow morning …

8 thoughts on “Whadda weekend …

  1. carlascorner

    Oh, dear. Did the doctors say anything about getting off your RA drugs while you heal? Sending healing hugs your way.


    1. Wren

      Thank you, Carla. You know, the docs didn’t. And I didn’t think of it until this morning, myself, as I was about to take my first dose of the day. I put everything back except for the calcium, Vit. D and the multivitamin. Oh, and the big, honkin’ antibiotic pill. Funny how that works. If I’d been commenting on this situation if someone else was going through it, stopping the DMARDs while healing would have been my first suggestion. Sigh.


  2. Leslie

    Wren, Is the cat bite infected or do you have cat scratch fever? A friend of mine recencently ended up with that. I’ll refrain from singing the song but it might still get stuck in your head! Either way, I hope that you are feeling better soon. A weekend at the hospital – ugh! Maybe you should check with your rheumy about stopping DMARDs until the infection clears up. Get well!


  3. Andrew

    Wren, so sorry to hear about your adventures with the infection. I hope that the antibiotics are working on the infection and not wrecking havoc with your digestive system as strong antibiotics are prone to do.


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