A little excitement

Purse on kitchen desk.

Curious cat on desk.

Purse strap tangles around cat’s back leg.

Cat jumps down.

Cat panics, screams and runs, spraying wallet, checkbook, various lipsticks through the air.

Cat sprints at me where I relax in a living room chair.

Startled, I reach down to disentangle purse straps.

Frenzied cat sinks her fangs deep into my bare left calf.

I yelp with pain and surprise.

Cat bites again, this time into the knuckles of my left hand while wrapping clawed feet around my legs.

I yelp again, stand up.

Cat darts for staircase, still screaming and trailing purse.

I run for kitchen, trying not to leak blood on mother’s white carpet. I fail.

Sister manages to free cat from purse,

Cat does a slider under sofa, won’t come out.

Mom blots blood on carpet, applies spot remover.

My bleeding stopped, my calf wrapped in gauze and masking tape, sister drives me to ER.

Nurse cleans wounds, doctor prescribes potent antibiotics, tells me to return for check on Sunday.

Sister brings me home, we all go to bed.

Now, hand and calf painful and swollen. Sausage fingers.

Cat is uninjured and affectionate.

I blog one-handed and vow to stay away from horses.

6 thoughts on “A little excitement

  1. Oh no. I hope you found all of the contents. That explains your change of writing style. How long did it take at emergency? I hope all looks better today.

    I read such a disturbing blog about a writer who broke her hand and was so desperate to get relief she treated it herself. It had to do with lack of health insurance. What a terrible problem

    I actually have Drgon naturally Speaking but I have forgotten how to use it. Plan to relearn as my hands are not going to improve. Very very slow new damage is occurring , but the results of past damage are constantly with me.


  2. If my cat did this I would be so angry!!! I would have to bite him back and swat his butt. Haha.


  3. Oh, dear, Wren. Do take care of yourself. I’m having flashbacks to when you had the dog bite. Hope this is a much simpler situation. Please keep us posted.


  4. I know I should not be laughing but that picture in my head just is like watching a Tom and Jerry show. I am sorry you are in such pain. Feel better soon!


  5. I just went through something similar with our kitten. Yes, I’m on a DMARD. Things are going ok, now. The worst was skipping the DMARD for the past couple of weeks and now I’m a hurting camper and not just from the bites and the scratches. Live and Learn.


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