Same dragon, different day.

Only one lie? There are so many I could tell! Oh, well. I’ll play:

1st : I had breakfast with Sir Peter Ustinov in front of the Cologne cathedral.

2nd: I once chased four tigers around a shipping harbor.

3rd: I skied the Alps with a bad RA flare in my right large toe.

4th: I landed a two-seater Cessna on my first try.

Guess which one is a lie?

This post was for Day 8/Post 8 of the National Health Blog Posting Month

10 thoughts on “3 truths, 1 lie

  1. Polly says:

    Love it! My money is on the tigers … though not entirely convinced about Sir Peter either … i have complete faith in your ability to land a Cessna on first try and have a sneaking suspicion you’ve talked about the skiing before … although my memory is so Swiss Cheese that I might be wrong about that!

    Whichever are the true ones, I hope you’re going to post us the story of them, because all four sound fascinating! 😉


  2. Lana says:

    I am going to say St. Peter because for some reason I actaully believe you may have chased four tigers. 🙂 Please tell.


  3. awamiba says:

    The tiger one. I could totally see you doing it, though. 🙂


  4. carlascorner says:

    I believe you’re perfectly capable of all and with your background in journalism (and the military), they’re all more than possible. Do tell!


  5. ValleyWriter says:

    I’m guessing the landing of the plane is the lie. I can totally see you chasing those tigers! Can’t wait to find out what’s what!


  6. mary says:

    Hmmmm, I feel like “I’m on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”. I know 3 is true and 4 seems like something you would do…….tigers or Sir Peter, Tigers or Sir Peter. I go with Sir Peter. The tigers seem strange enough that you just may have done that.


  7. Squirrel says:

    Hmm!! I dont know.. I’ll go with the tigers. Although the thought of you chasing 4 tigers is awesome!!


  8. WarmSocks says:

    Those are all fabulous stories, Wren. I recall you writing about a ski trip one time, so unless the key is the details – flare everywhere not just toe – I’m going to go with the tiger. I might run and hide, but there’s no way I’d be chasing tigers, so that’s my vote 🙂


  9. adrienne says:

    Very Good Wren! I think it is landing the plane. Nice job making us think.


  10. Leslie says:

    It doesn’t matter which of these is the lie! I need to hear the other three! You have to tell now – I do so want the tiger story to be true just so I can hear it so I’m voting for Sir Peter!


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