All cooled down

Mom’s A/C has been fixed. A handsome young repairman showed up at 9:30 a.m. with a big smile, looked the kaput unit over and discovered that whoever installed it, new, last summer had neglected to do so correctly. They’d left some “plugs” in place despite stickered warnings all over the innards of the A/C unit not to do so. As a result, water had built up inside instead of draining away, and according to the repairman, “you’re lucky the whole thing didn’t short out and burn up.”


He removed the plugs, drained the water, and restarted our air conditioner. It’s 74 degrees Fahrenheit in here again. The young cats went back to chasing each other up and down the stairs; PIB watched from his perch on the arm of the recliner. Mom put her long-sleeved shirt back on and cuddled into the wooly throw on the sofa. I wished for 68 degrees but told myself to be content. 74 is so much cooler than 91. I’m counting my blessings.

In other news, my RA and bursitis are both doing their best to make me dispirited and grumpy. The RA is keeping my hands (and random other joints) stiff, swollen and sore. The bursitis pain is constant, making me gimp around, muttering under my breath and suppressing groans as I walk. Even if it hadn’t been so bloody hot the last several nights, the pain from both conditions would have kept me rolling and tossing instead of sleeping.

There is hope, though. I see my rheumatologist tomorrow morning. I’m curious to know how my most recent blood tests came out, because I can feel a lot of inflammation all over my body. Will my sed rate be elevated, or will it be “normal,” making me feel like an idiot? I’m hoping that Dr. McA will have a couple of minor miracles up his white-coated sleeves. And if miracles are not forthcoming, perhaps he’ll at least trot out some different meds. I’m not sure that there are more DMARDs out there I haven’t already tried, but I know there are several biologics.

Frightening, really.

I’m also going to ask about taking another prednisolone taper for the bursitis. Taking the stuff scares me, but it did help when I took it a few months ago, at least temporarily. I wonder, too, if the same drug in a different dosage schedule (the last one I took tapered for seven days) might relieve both the bursitis and the RA pain? Do I have a moon-face, a buffalo hump and weight gain (sigh) in my future?

We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “All cooled down

  1. Sometimes I wonder about whether installers are really trained at all. You guys were very lucky that that unit didn’t cause major electrical issues with a blowout or worse. If you had to pay for this repair I would surely contact the installer/mfg. and insist they pay for this repair due to their negligence in installation. But I am glad you are back with the rest of us on the polar ice cap 🙂 basking in the cool breezes. And I hope you and your doc can come up with another plan of action. I keep telling myself I need to get going on finding a new rheumie I feel better about but am having a difficult time getting motivated and on task. At the very least I need to source a good gp that can run some labs for me since I haven’t had them in quite a long time. Looking forward to your next post so you can share with us on the office visit.


  2. Sounds like a good news/bad news kind of day. YAY for the AC- and the cute repair man 😉 I hate that you are flaring so hard. I hope your rheumy has the magic you need.


  3. It’s frustrating when people will not take the time to do their job correctly. These days there is very little pride in workmanship. It’s frustrating that a professional caused this problem and you are left to pick up his bill now. I’m glad the unit didn’t short out.

    It seems like it has been a rough year for RA patients. It may just be me, but it seems like several of us have had more problems than in the past years. I hope you are doing better without having to switch meds. I know there are several different drugs, and I’m thankful for them, but I hate having to switch and wait to see if they are going to do anything. Good luck if you do try something new.


  4. Glad you’re cool(er). That solves a lot of issues. Good luck with the doc. Maybe even more will be solved. And, no, an occasional taper of Prednisone will not make you moon faced, buffalo-humped, or fat. But it can calm everything down. Sorry that the dragon and your bursitis are both being grouchy. Hope you get to feeling better.


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