Hip shots–Round 2 (UPDATED)

Hi All…

I’m headed out in a few minutes for my appointment with the physiatrist for a second round of steroid injections for my tronchanteric bursitis. Nervous but determined. Wish me luck?

Also… decided over the weekend to once again give the blog a new look. I like it. Artsy, isn’t it? šŸ™‚


I’m home. To my considerable relief, the injections were painless, done quickly and without fanfare or dramatics by my young, hyper-fit and very serious new physiatric doctor.Ā  (He looks like he could easily pick me up with one hand while dribbling a basketball with the other.) Unfortunately, at the moment my hips are about 30 percent more sore than they were before the shots, but he warned me that might happen. It’s not unusual, he said, though quick relief is more common. He also told me (as did my rheumatologist when he injected me a couple of months ago) that if the steroids work, I should get relief from the pain in between 24 hours and a week. If the injections don’t work … well. No change.

Believe me, my fingers, toes and even eyes are crossed in the hopes that they’ll work.

But he’s not leaving my fate up to just steroid injections. He’s also setting me up for a couple of sessions of physical therapy, where I’ll learn gentle exercises that will stretch the long ligaments that lie over the bursae in both my hips. Dr Fit-n-Trim said that right now, those ligaments are shortened and very tight, which keeps the bursae constanty aggravated, inflamed and painful. Stretching them will relieve that pressure and, over time, allow the bursae to heal and go back to their normal state. And with luck, stretching the ligaments will also prevent a recurrence of the bursitis.

I’m all for that.

Other positive news: After the injections, Mom and I went out to breakfast. She was hungry! And not hurting very much! And after we ate, she wanted to go to Target and wander around a bit. She also got to talking about different recipe choices using the fresh salmon fillet I picked up at the grocery store the other day.

My friends, this is huge. Planning a meal ahead means she believes she has a future!

It’s the first time in two months that Mom has cared, even a little, about what she eats for supper or how it’s prepared. She’s still taking pain meds, but she’s getting stronger each day, and the pain has declined enough that she can think with hope about other things. I’m pretty sure that, given another two weeks of pain relief, more nutrition and a gentle, slow gain in strength, she’ll be just fine.

And I can go home.



12 thoughts on “Hip shots–Round 2 (UPDATED)

  1. Love the new look! Good luck today Wren. Keeping my fingers crossed that these are the shots that are going to do it! Hope all is well with your mom too.


  2. Cool new look! I like it, Wren. Good luck with your appointment today. I hope the injection helps this time – and that it accompanies a referral for PT!


  3. Ask about using a foam roller for the tight ligaments, it is something you can do at home between sessions with the PT (and you can pick up a roller at Target etc.) They help tremendously.


  4. Hey Wren –

    Long time, no write! I’ve kept an eye on you though. Good luck with everything. Did you ever hear any word on a job? I’ve kept it in my prayers for ya. šŸ™‚

    RA SB


  5. Great news on your Mom. Fingers and toes crossed on the latest hip injection. The PT exercises should help as well. Yay!!


  6. Great news about your mum and the doctor – seems like he’s going to do all her can to make you feel better!
    My recent steroid injection into my finger made it worse for about a day and a half and it took just over 2 days to start working (by which I was losing hope that it would). But once it did it was magic and is still fine over a month later. Hope yours does the same!


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