Quiet holidays

Post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s greetings to everyone! Thanks very much for your cheerful holiday wishes and encouragement. They made me smile.

In spite of the rapidly changing barometric pressure around here–raining and stormy for a day or two, then sunny and mild for the same period, over and over again–I’m feeling fairly well. My bursitis hips continue to hurt. My hands still ache and twinge at random. But overall, I’m good, and I’m looking forward to Jan. 3, when I’m having a do-over on those steroid injections. Fingers are crossed that this time they’ll do the trick and I can cross hip pain off my list.

Christmas was very quiet. Mom, with my support, decided to postpone the family dinner and holiday celebration until she’s feeling better. It would have completely exhausted her; she can only stand for a short time before the pain gets too intense, and she didn’t want to watch from the sidelines. We’ll get everyone together soon, with luck.

We saw her doctor on Christmas Eve for the results of her MRI. There’s nothing life-threatening going on in or around her lower spine, thank goodness, but the scan did show a couple of bulging discs, a few bone spurs and some degenerative arthritis damage–any or all of which might be aggravating her sciatic nerve.

Because her pain isn’t easing, and in fact is increasing, the doc upped the dosages on her nerve-pain med. And, he referred her to a pain specialist for a consultation and, if the specialist agrees, cortisone shots. Unfortunately, the first available appointment for that is Jan. 4 (though they promised me that if an earlier date opens due to a cancellation, they’ll call).

I’m frustrated that she can’t be seen sooner. Even the increased pain med dosage isn’t relieving her pain. She hurts so much she stays on the sofa or in bed all the time, getting up only to use the bathroom. Each short trip is agonizing for her. She’s depressed and sometimes, seems hopeless. Though she tries to eat a little each time I bring her a meal or a snack, it’s a struggle for her.

I’m sure her doctor thinks I’m a terrible pest, but I’m calling him again today, hoping that at least there might be something else he can give her for the pain. I’m so worried about Mom.

I’d meant this post to be more cheerful, but I guess I haven’t been very successful. I do hope this finds you all feeling well.

6 thoughts on “Quiet holidays

  1. When it comes to a parent’s health sometimes you have to be a pest. Otherwise, I think, some doctors tend to take elderly patients problems too lightly. From everything you have written in the past it doesn’t sound like your mother is a complainer so she must really be in pain. It seems like the MRI prove that she is in serious pain.
    I hope you’re able to move the appointment up and that she and you find some relief in the coming year.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that your mom isn’t feeling better. How very frustrating.

    I hope this second cortisone injection does the trick for you.
    Happy New Year 🙂


  3. I think I’d rather hurt myself than see someone I care about in pain. You feel so helpless when you can’t help them. Here’s hoping that both you and your Mom get some relief and that 2011 brings you many blessings.


  4. Happy New Year, Wren. I’m sorry your Mom isn’t feeling better, though happy to hear there is nothing life-threatening going on. I know your own experiences with pain and illness will help you support and and care for her. I hope you have a peaceful, hopeful and warm New Year.


  5. Sorry your hips and hands are still hurting. I hope your Jan 3rd appt will help bring some relief. I’m glad your mom listened to you about the dinner, she is very fortunate to have you watching over her right now. I believe that doctors can work us in, they just don’t want to be bothered. In 1990, I broke my right collarbone and cracked 3 ribs (racing), I called 3 orthopedic doctors in my local area. The earliest any of them could see me was 3 weeks out, 1 wouldn’t see me for 5 weeks. I called a orthopedic doctor in my old hometown and he worked me in that afternoon, after driving 90 miles to his office. Doctors and their “schedules” are a real sore point with me. Take care of yourself and your mom and have a safe and Happy New Year.


  6. really sorry about your mum, it’s awful to see a loved one suffer. i hope the steroid helps, i had some hip pain this morning and thought of your problems.. hope they end soon!


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