Tough little Wren

I was outside, cup of fresh coffee in hand, at 6:45 this morning, ready to get more wood stacking done. My hands were twingey, but not awful. I figured I could lift

A whole cord stacked--and I did it all myself!

and stack the heavy almond-wood chunks for a while, but I’d be mindful and stop before I overdid.

Well, I’m pleased to report that I didn’t need to stop until I’d stacked the entire cord of wood! I’m tuckered out now, and the bursitis in my hips is flared up from all the stooping and lifting, but I feel pretty darned good anyway. It’s supposed to be 93 degrees F today, but this morning it was in the mid-50s. I worked steadily and comfortably in the early morning

This is Stubbs (so named because he has a stub of a tail), comfy in his bed early this morning. Stubbs adopted us a couple of months ago and for now, lives outdoors. We're planning on getting him a vet check-up, then having him neutered, and when the weather turns cold, he'll join our other cats indoors. He's sweet and friendly and has already made his place in my heart.

shade. By the time the sun was high enough to heat things up and take away my cool shade, I was done.

The remainder of this September Sunday is for resting and recuperating. Tomorrow morning I’ll get a start on stacking the second cord of firewood, which is piled at the end of the driveway. The nice thing is that I know I’ve just a few more mornings of lifting and stacking and I’ll be done with the firewood until this time

One more cord to go.

next year. And I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing, too, that we’re ready when the cold weather comes. Am I proud of myself? Yep.

6 thoughts on “Tough little Wren

  1. Stubbs is adorable. He looks a lot like my gray kitty.

    We are getting cool mornings too. It is such a relief from the lingering summer.


  2. Nice looking cat. He must’ve known what he was doing when he adopted you 🙂

    Very impressive on the wood stacking! Wow! Do you now have a heating pad for your hips? A hot water bottle, or rice pack, or something? Don’t overdo it getting the rest of that wood stacked!


  3. That’s a big job!! My hands hurt just looking at the picture. Glad you were able to pace yourself and get it done without too much pain. Maybe the plaquanil is kicking in. Take care and don’t push too hard.


  4. I come from a forestry family and every fall was cutting and stacking. We tried to stay one season ahead with the wood so it would be nice and dry (I still favor cherry hardwood the best for crackling and smells) for the next winter. You brought back some great memories for me this am, Wren. Thanks…


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