Same dragon, different day.

It is officially 100 degrees Fahrenheit at 2:39 in the afternoon at 3,200 feet above sea level in the Sierra mountains of California — on the north side of my house. The barometer reads 29.99 and falling. My fingers are swollen; my hips achey; my energy levels in the dumpster. It’s 80 degrees in my kitchen.

I’m melllltingggggg…

Tomorrow, the forecast is for 10 degrees cooler, with a bit of overcast. And by Saturday, temps are forecasted to be in the mid-70s with a few showers. It’s a matter of holding out.

I think supper tonight will consist of smoothies. A bit of plain yogurt, a splash of soymilk, a lot of ice and frozen blackberries. Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Hot

  1. Lene says:

    Wonderful, evocative image. There’s positively steam coming off my monitor.


  2. Cathy says:

    Smoothies for dinner sounds wonderful! Have you ever tried coconut milk in a smoothie? Delicious.


  3. Morgan says:

    I feel your pain. I am near Los Angeles and the heat has been unbearable. I check the thermometer on my porch when I come home from work at 4:30 and it has read 110 almost everyday this week. I am hoping for a break this weekend.


  4. rouchswalwe says:

    Oi joi joi! The cure sounds quite pleasant though. I love joghurt. Good luck, dear Wren!


  5. Terry says:

    I hope it cools down for you. The smoothies sound good.

    We were supposed to be through with 100 degree days last week, or so they told us. Went riding today and it hit 99 with a 105 heat index.


  6. Lana says:

    Sorry to hear about how much you are aching with this heat. We are the mid 90s here so this is life in August. The drop in temperature will help but you know what they about the barometric pressures. More pain!!! Great idea on the smoothies. Hopefully, your husband does not ask for a hot meal. You can send him into the kitchen if he does.


  7. Helen says:

    Oh, it is hot here, too! A smoothie for dinner sounds perfect.

    I’m house-sitting for my parents and feeling guilty that I’m not out picking all of the ripe vegetables in the garden, but it’s just so hot! Maybe once the sun starts to go down tonight I’ll make the effort.


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