Big day

Oh arrrrghgh.

Hips and hands hurt. Company coming soon. Cary’s 29th birthday. (How old does that make me??)

So I’m making lasagna and salad, root beer floats for dessert (the first and last are her favorites; the middle one is for my conscience.) Just got the carpets vacuumed, things dusted and neatened, and yes, I have help today. Cary and Matt are pitching in like troopers. Almost-grandson Phoenix wound the cord back onto the vacuum for me with his nice, new 11-year-old hands and kept Shadow and Finny occupied.

Life is good. Wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “Big day

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your hands are hurting in addition to your hips 😦
    Sounds like the company will be fun, though, and you have help preparing for it. Life is good:) Best of luck!


  2. So sorry you’re hurting so much again so soon after feeling better! ;o( Glad you’ve got a wee party to look forward to though. Good luck!!


  3. Lasagna and root beer floats – two of my favorites too! I hope the evening turned out beautifully and the good company took your mind away from the pain for a while. Leftovers today? We love lasagna leftovers here!


  4. Sounds like fun – except for the getting ready part! Hope the hips settle down soon. Nothing should be allowed to hurt for more than a set amount of time. Should be an RA rule or something…. 🙂 L


  5. Hi, very impressed to read you have done the housework AND the cooking and are still able to type your blog! Amazing wonder woman. I am 34 so a little older than your daughter- my mum makes lovely food for us to all descend on them and eat. My parents support me a lot with my 3 children but with the RA, well, we are a tight knit unit. thankfully i have a good husband too. I am on the Cimzia (just started) and have started a blog. Had a lot of fun writing so far. All the best for the party.


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  7. Your meal sounds so good that I should have invited myself to supper. Isn’t it great when others pinch in to help? Have a great week, hope the bursitis is going away, along with other ails and pains of course.


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