Starting a new week

Posts will be light for a few more days; my sister will be in town until Wednesday, so I’ll be spending most of my free time visiting with her and my Mom. We had a good weekend. The drive down to Santa Nella was a breeze on Saturday (which surprised me) and, while visiting Dad’s marker has always been a somber event in the past, this time we laughed a lot. My Mom brought some beautiful peach-colored roses to leave; Dad absolutely loved them when he was alive. He must have had 15 mature rose bushes in his garden, and he brought the blooms in nearly every day for Mom during the summer. There were always vases full of them in the house. Saturday was a good day, not so crushingly sad. We’ve turned a corner, I think.

In other news, the weather here is still just plain freaky. It’s barely 40 degrees this morning, and the forecast is for a high temp of 54 today. The sky is gray. More rain is coming tomorrow (with snow in the mountains at the higher elevations) and it’s supposed to continue through Friday, along with temps in the mid-50s. It’s more like early March than late May, and I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll be able to have much of a garden this season, as we haven’t been able to plant yet. To be honest, I don’t really mind the coolness, but even I’m starting to stare in disbelief at the sky as I wrap up in my sweater and pull warm socks onto my feet. What very odd weather we’re having!

The dogbite wounds have nearly healed completely. They’re still sensitive to touch, but each day brings less discomfort. I took the last antibiotic horse-pill on Thursday last week, and I’m feeling good. I’m back on my rheuma meds. And the rheuma symptoms have been mercifully faint, just a light ache in my hands now and then.

Finally, while I miss my dear ol’ Logan, Finny has stepped into the breach to make me laugh and carry me through. That wee dog is a born clown and over-the-top affectionate. I’m very lucky. So, once my sis is winging her way back to New Mexico, I’ll start walking again. Carefully. Shorter distances, and with attention to how my hips react to the exercise. I’m looking forward to it, and I know Fin is too.

Hope this finds everyone feeling good and enjoying the gifts of the day. You’re all in my thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Starting a new week

  1. Glad you’re healed up and Finny is doing a good job at keeping your mind occupied. The weather has been crazy, we have had very mild temps with little rain for this spring. Starting 3 days ago our temps are running 10 degrees above normal temps.


  2. So glad you’re feeling well, and glad to hear Finny is keeping a smile on your face. He sounds like such a character! I remember after we lost our beloved old girl a couple of years ago. Henry was just a pup, and as sad as I was, it was impossible not to smile when he was around.

    It’s absolutely boiling hot here – I’m trying to stay cool! Sounds like crazy weather all round.


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