Same dragon, different day.

Had my final (knock wood) appointment with the hand surgeon this morning. He was mostly satisfied with  the way the bite-wounds are healing (the one on my palm has nearly closed!) but said there was still infection active in the one on the top of my hand; there’s still some green gook in there, and some redness and swelling, though far, far less than there was. He went back and forth a bit regarding numbing my hand and reopening that wound but decided, finally, not to.


So I’ll continue to soak that hand three times a day (now in warm Epsom salt baths — who knew?) and continue to self-debride (owieeee!). The doc prescribed three extra days of antibiotics (I would have taken the last of the 10-day course tomorrow morning), too, to make double-sure we kill all those bad bugs off. And after examining the wounds, he smeared them both with antibacterial salve and stuck on band-aids. I’m down to band-aids! No more gauze and clumsy, one-handed bandage wrapping! I’ll only need to see him again if that one, slower-healing wound goes south. I don’t think it will.

Tomorrow is also the day that the county releases ol’ Logan from home quarantine, so the final chapter of this dog-bite saga will soon begin. The quarantine allowed us to have this extra time with him, and for that I’m glad. But I’m not looking forward to what comes next. I try to tell myself that Logan’s getting very old, and chances are he’ll die of old age or age-related illness anyway before much longer. And perhaps this gentle, if early, death will spare him some misery later on.

They don’t help much, those platitudes. Logan’s been the best Good Dog he’s been able to be for nearly 14 years; he’s tried very hard to please us  in spite of having some crossed wires somewhere inside that handsome head of his. And he has pleased us. He’s lived a long, happy life, safe and secure, and he has always been deeply loved.

Oh, this is hard.

11 thoughts on “Endings approaching

  1. Lene says:

    Bittersweet post. On the one hand (!), I’m so happy to hear you’re making good progress. On the other… Logan. I’m sending hugs your way.


  2. Mary says:

    So glad to hear your hand is about healed. You have certainly had a difficult few weeks. Sorry about Logan. It is always hard to say goodbye to an old friend. My thought and sympathy are with you.


  3. Polly says:

    Oh Wren – so glad about your hand but so sorry about Logan. 😦


  4. Jules says:

    What great news about your wounds. Since our mutual “friend” Rheuma entered my life; infections are a huge fear for me so to hear that you are healing so well gives me great hope. I am sure it is a huge relief to be out of the big wrapping and into band-aids.

    I am so sad for your sweet baby. Having lost my share of pups over the years; to old age, to cars, to bite issues, it doesn’t hurt your heart less no matter what the reason. If you are anything like me- he is a member of the family first and a canine second. Big hugs to you both. The only consolation is that once he crosses the Rainbow Bridge, he can be a puppy again.



  5. ValleyWriter says:

    I don’t think anything else I can say can ease your pain – but just know, my thoughts are with you.


  6. Helen says:

    I’m so glad to hear your hand is healing so well, but so sad about Logan. How terribly difficult. I’m glad you’ve had this extra time with your good old boy. I’ll be thinking of you often over the next days.


  7. Laurie says:

    Oh Wren, I so sorry about Logan. I’ll be thinking about both of you and wishing I could make it easier somehow. Laurie


  8. Cathy says:

    Oh Logan, to have given so much to a family is quite a gift. To have loved him for so long is so powerful. Only having one dog as an adult (our sweet Izzy who attacked another dog the other day when her leash broke), I can only imagine how hard this must be for you.


  9. Leslie says:

    I am SO happy about your hand and hope for it to heal really fast now! Epsom salt is wonderful for “drawing out” the poisons! I am SO sorry about Logan. I know this must be so painful 😦 Is there anyone in the area who takes in troubled dogs? Or is that too much of a risk? I hope things work out for you…you are such a sweet person!


  10. carlascorner says:

    It’s amazingly hard to lose someone or something you love, particularly when you have to make the decision. Have courage, and know that you have a community that cares about you and grieves with you.


  11. Terry says:

    Wren, I’m glad your hand is, for the most, healing up well. I know it is painful, but not as painful as what comes next with Logan. I’ll be thinking about you and Logan.


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