…and now for the fun part

The Easter bunny left snowshoe tracks around the door along with his bright basket of candy and eggs this morning. And now, the Wren family is getting ready to go out for Easter brunch, meeting my Mom and aunt for the feast.

Although we’re not religious, like almost all people, all over the world, from time out of mind, we enjoy the Oestre season for the hope of warmer days and the summer ahead, along with all the wonderful flowers popping open and the birds singing outside the windows. Easter brings hope no matter who you are or what you believe.

I understand much of the country will have lovely weather today. Unfortunately, not so much here. My reference to bunnies in snowshoes? It’s supposed to start snowing again this afternoon, and they’re saying we could see up to a foot of snow before tomorrow morning.

So while we’re looking forward to brunch down the mountain, we’ll have to try to get back before the snow starts falling. No matter — it’s Easter. There will be good food. A chance to spend loving time with family, laughing and having fun. And there will be chocolate. Before long, the weather here will turn warm and stay that way.

Happy Easter, everbody. I hope you all have a really lovely day.

6 thoughts on “…and now for the fun part

  1. Oh no! More snow? Like your family, we are not religious. We do have a tradition of taking a long walk on Easter and celebrating the beginning of spring. I will enjoy the sun and warmth for you today that we are experiencing in Chicago. If you feel a burst of warmth, know it is because I am sending it for you. 🙂


    • Your warmth just washed over me, Cathy. Thank you so much! Now I’m off to cart firewood in so we don’t have to fool with it after the snow falls. I hope you have a gorgeous spring walk. Enjoy every moment.


  2. I know you’ve said you need snow after the dry times you’ve had, so I’ll just hope that it doesn’t cause too many problems for you and that you get some laughs watching Finny playing in it! 🙂 L


  3. Poor Finny will disappear in a foot of snow! I sorta think it won’t be that much, but even so, Finny and laughs seem to go together. How ever much we get, it won’t be around for long at our elevation, this late in the year. The last snow had mostly melted away before dark the same day.


  4. I bet he’ll be hopping around like the Easter Bunny in that much snow!! Lol!! Hope the good weather comes soon for you. 🙂


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