McCool surprise

Ummm... that's a "little" snow. And my car under the snow-laden laurels.

The weather forecast as I went to bed last night (OK, this morning) was for light rain, and snow another 1,000 feet up the mountain from us.

So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up at 7 and saw 51/2 inches of snow

Umbrella drinks, anyone?

out the windows and a temperature of 29 degrees. Wow.

Of course, it’s absolutely beautiful. And we did prepare for the possibly snowy week by bringing in a load of firewood for the stove. We’re nice and warm inside and glad for it. Mr. Wren had plans to go to a MG class this morning (he’s a county Master Gardener, and is mentoring a new student), but since he hasn’t bought chains for his new truck, he had to stay home.

Oh, well. He’s going to help me cut up veggies for a nice, hot, savory stew. Spring may have sproinged, but Old ManWinter looks like he’s not quite ready to exit stage left.

Finny the Valley Dog discovers snow and decides he likes it.

Finny McCool, who had never seen or bounced through snow before (he’s a Valley Dog) was absolutely delighted. After he came inside from his wee walk in snow up to his belly and I got him dried off, he raced around the house like a mad thing, rolicking and completely energized. What a hoot this little dog is!

Snowed in on the last day of March. Go figure.

8 thoughts on “McCool surprise

  1. Wren! Holy cow! I am NOT envious of you and Mr. Wren. Today, here for us, it is 70 and sunny and expected all weekend to stay. Yeah! We’ve had enough snow for this season.

    enjoy the stew.


  2. So beautiful (the snow) and so cute (Finny).

    I love late season snowfalls, although I hope we don’t get one here anymore ā€“ I’ve held off taking off my winter tires, and held off. It is still only March after all! But by some freak of nature, it’s going to be 25Ā°C tomorrow (what the heck!!), so I’ve got to get them off tomorrow morning. With my luck, though, we’ll get snow next week!

    šŸ™‚ L


  3. Finny is so cute, and so funny! Isn’t it wonderful to have such a bundle of personality around the house?

    What a surprise all that snow must have been. I’m glad you’re warm and cozy inside and well-stocked with firewood. Nothing can get you quite as warm as a woodstove. Enjoy it. šŸ™‚


  4. Finny and the snow are both beautiful- but you are more than welcome to keep that snow! It must have been a shocker. I hope that it starts warming up for you very, very soon.


  5. wow! The snow is beautiful and I love the pic of finny! So glad you are where its warm and enjoying some stew with your husband! Sunny days are here and I’m enjoying those…hope you get those soon šŸ™‚


  6. Wren, where do you guys live with the snow coming down. It was like 70 degrees in NE OHio yesterday and it is 79 degrees today!


    • We live in Northern California, at 3,200 feet in the Sierras, about 53 miles from Lake Tahoe. We’re RIGHT at the snowline. While it hasn’t happened for a long time, we’ve had snow all the way through May a few times. I doubt that will happen this year, but since it’s an El Nino year (that’s the warm Pacific Ocean current that affects weather patterns every few years) it’s possible. I’m glad, really. California has been in a bad drought for several years and we really, really need the snowpack. Summers are totally dry, hot and very long.


  7. šŸ™‚ Sounds like your new little dog is going to be loads of fun. Sitting indoors by a nice warm fire, watching the snow outside, smelling the stew simmering on the stove… ah, that sounds so pleasant.


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