Something to look forward to

It’s raining again.

I’m glad, because as I’ve said in this spot before, Northern California really, really, really needs the rain. Mainly it needs the rain in the form of mountain snow so we won’t be so parched come summertime, and maybe we won’t find ourselves having to choose which to water, ourselves or our gardens.

On the other hand, I was sort of looking forward to a little more pretty weather. You

In this photo from late February 2007, it was snowing on the almond blossoms. It was windy, too, and the pale white petals mixed in with the snowflakes, almost identical.

know the type: it’s cool, even a little nippy, but the sky is a breathtaking robin’s-egg blue, the sun is bright, and everywhere you look there are signs of the oncoming spring. Our next-door neighbor’s old almond tree is covered in blossoms. Tulip leaves like green swords are rising from the soil next to our front door. The elderly laurel hedge has thousands of upright new leaves, still tightly furled but the promise … oh, the promise. My climbing rose, which has looked dead as a doorknob since November, suddenly has tons of new, tiny, deep maroon leaves.

Yep, spring is springing. No doubt about it.

But for the last several years at this time I have absolutely not felt that odd yearning for spring. Caught deep in drought, our winters have been so dreadfully mild, and so numbingly sunny and dry that I’d have danced naked on Main Street if there’d been a reasonable chance doing so would usher in some big storms and lots of water from the sky. I knew it was useless, though, so I spared everyone the traumatic experience.

I know I’m an odd duck, liking winter as I do. Most people who live here (and elsewhere, I might as well face it) love sunny, mild winters. They hate gray skies. Rain chills and depresses them. I have friends here who get downright glum when the clouds come in. They take it personally. They live in California, despite all its drawbacks, because they love sunshine and hot weather. If winter gets in the way, well, they’re really put out.

I don’t mind rain or cold weather. But this year, I do have a reason to be more appreciative of spring: my hands are killing me. These rapid changes in barometric pressure cause my knuckles to ache above and beyond the call of duty. The fact that I accidentally whacked my right hand against the corner of the table as I went into the kitchen a little while ago doesn’t help, either. That hand yelled bloody murder, it was so insulted. Now it’s twinging madly and there’s a round, red divot in the knuckle joint. I really need to be more careful.

7 thoughts on “Something to look forward to

  1. I’m with you on this one. I actually Like winter (and I live in Canada!). I love the distinctive changes of seasons. And since I’ve only had RA for this one season, I have nothing to compare it to and have no idea if it’ll be better in the heat of summer (although it gets awfully humid here).

    I hope your hands do feel better, though, but keep enjoying the rain, the almond blossoms, and the tulips to come! 🙂 Laurie


  2. Ouch! I hope the hand is better soon.

    We got spring in mid January. I enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather. Now it really is springtime and pea seeds went into the garden last week. I’d intended to start lettuce, spinach, carrots, and radishes today, but it’s snowing! I’d have been happy for snow before planting, but this is a little backwards. I like winter in it’s proper season 😀


  3. Ow! I hope the weather helps you feel better- I swear, it seems like everyone has been hurting recently!


  4. ouchie…I do that sometimes and try not to curse! It hurts something awful! This winter has been rough on my RA so I welcome spring… The barometric pressure will not be my friend but I know that summer is close. I feel best in the summer. I used to dread it as summers here are very HOT and extremely HUMID here in the South. But, with RA…it is welcome! I love all the flowers starting to bloom and the little birdies singing their songs right now. It feels like everything is waking up outside 🙂


  5. We are having snow today for the first time in a month. This is normally the snowiest month for us, I usually can’t see the neighbours because of the snowbanks. I’m hoping we get some more, I miss doing my normal winter fun things.

    Hope your hand feels better soon 🙂


  6. After I got ahead of myself last week, it seems spring is finally springing here, too. Snow is melting, the sun is out, there are even tiny buds on some of the trees.

    There is certainly much to look forward to.


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