Thank you, hedgehog hands and potato soup …

First, I’d like to thank everyone for the kind get-well wishes. It was a slog, but the aggravating tummy-bug that sent me shuttling between loo and bed for nearly five days is, as of this morning, finally gone. I’m feeling good. My energy is back. I no longer feel like my legs are made of papier-mache’. That strange foggy feeling between my ears is gone. My stomach even wanted a chili-burger for lunch! (I abstained in favor of less irritating fare.)

I also went for my second acupuncture session this morning. Because my  hands were so sore after the first session (they let up, finally, on Sunday), Alida made today’s treatment even gentler than the first. Needles sticking out of my hands and feet, but fewer than last week, I listened to the book “American Gods” by Neil Gaman on my iTouch and gazed out the windows at the green hills and low, steel-gray sky outside. As before, what little discomfort there was initially disappeared quickly. So far, my left hand is a bit more sore than the right, but neither of them is as angry as they were post-session last time. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ‘k? (Yes, I know, some of us cannot easily cross our swollen, sore fingers, so crossing your eyes will work as well.)  ;o)  My next acupuncture session is set for Tuesday next week.

It’s a nippy, rainy day here in the Sierras. Up above me on the mountain, it’s snowing. So my plan for the afternoon and early evening is to make some whole-grain oatmeal cookies (daughter has been asking) and then, a nice, hot, potato-spinach soup, garnished with lemon wedges, for supper. I think I’ll toast some dense, whole-grain bread to go with it, and we’ll all have warm tums tonight.

Stay warm, everyone. :o)

8 thoughts on “Thank you, hedgehog hands and potato soup …

    • WarmSocks – Thanks. Hedgehog is my new middle name. ;o)

      (((Splinter))) – Missed you! Hope you’re doing all right, and welcome back. :o)


  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Strange how after just getting over a sick spell, you often want some of the harshest food to put back in your stomach. The whole grain oatmeal cookies sounded great.


  2. So glad you’re feeling better.

    Wren, all of the things you do to stay healthy are an inspiration. I’m intrigued to learn more about your experiences with the hedgehog!


  3. I’ve considered trying acupuncture myself. I have a friend whose sister says it’s provided real relief to her neck problems and its helped her avoid neck surgery, or so she believes. Acupuncture seems to be one of those “alternative” modalities that research is confirming some level of benefit for. There was a time when I scoffed at chiropractors, but I’ve found relief in this myself.


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