Under the weather

Greetings, all. I’m feeling yecch today. Foggy, headachy, weak and a bit nauseated. Fortunately, the rheuma is as always; only my hands are giving me any hell, which is a relief, actually, since yesterday I was gimping around with a mildish flare in my right ankle, too. That seems to have resolved. I rarely get sick, so I’m hoping that I’m just fighting off a bug and that I’ll emerge victorious rather shortly. To that end, I went back to bed after being up for about an hour this morning (and I’d slept in – a fairly unusual occurance!) and slept for several hours more. Now, up, I’ve had a bowl of chicken soup, a couple of glasses of water and I’m sipping at a cup of coffee (hoping that the caffeine might ease the headache. Who knows? My fingers are crossed).

I’d planned to write and post Part 3 of my ski trip adventure this morning, but I’m only just now getting a start on it. If I’m successful, I’ll post it a bit later today. If not … there’s always tomorrow.

Matt just made me laugh. We were talking about the rain (the snow has turned to a heavy, cold rain today) when his cellphone “rang” – playing the ominous Bad Emperor fanfare from Star Wars.  “It’s Cary,” he said, answering it with a sheepish grin. “The Boss.” Seems he’s set that music to play when she calls so he’ll know it’s her …

Later, friends.

5 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. Wren, so sorry you are feeling bad, at least your rheuma isn’t flared up at the same time. I hope it leaves you quickly and your rainy weather turns to sunshine. We are supposed to get an ice storm here Thursday night … hope this is one of the times the weather men are wrong.


  2. Feel better soon – it sounds like you’re doing everything right, so I hope this is just a brief spell and you’re back to yourself quickly.


  3. Oh dear – hope you’re feeling a bit better today!! Looking forward to the rest of the ski trip story when you are.

    Love the cellphone story – wish I could set mine for different rings like that, but it’s a tad basic. ;o)


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