Before rheuma

Hands quick

Hands dexterous

Skilled and sure, right-brain

for left hand, left-brain for right.

Hands grasp

Hands pull

Strong and stout, trusty

Confident, thoughtless


After rheuma

Hands dull

Hands ungraceful

Skill made moot, in pain

made cautious, hesitant touch

Hands ache

Hands grieve

Weak and thin, brittle

Unflexible, careful


5 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Beautiful combination of medical reality and artistic transcendence! With a mind as transformative as yours I’m sure that RA won’t ever overcome you Wren.

    This poem is an excellent informative piece for people (and doctors who only sometimes qualify as people) to really “feel” the experience of RA.


  2. Beautiful! I thought it was interesting that the last word you used was thoughtful- it made me think about how, with RA, we have to be more cautious with what we’re doing and in that, we’re more present in what we’re doing.


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