Wee beasties

As  you might have guessed, today’s post isn’t specifically about rheumatoid arthritis. It’s about my wee beasties.


"Do you have to point that thing at me?!"

This is Logan. He’s a Queensland healer/border collie mix. He’s a bit over 13 years old now and he’s always been very shy about having his photo taken. He’ll sit still for it, if he must, but he’s very anxious for the whole ordeal to be over. I took this one with my cell phone — it doesn’t even look like a camera, but Logan knew I was about to take his picture anyway.  You know those old stories about how there are some people who refuse to have their photo taken for fear that the camera will somehow steal their soul? Maybe that’s what Logan thinks, too, as I tell him to sit, and stay, and raise my camera. If so, he’s just as brave as he is anxious.

OhPIBLogan and my 14-year-old tuxedo cat, PIB (Puss in Boots) can always rustle a laugh out of me, no matter how tired or achy I am. When my fingers hurt, Logan lets me sink them into his warm fur — it’s so thick, I can lose my fingers in it up to the first knuckle. PIB is my wee shadow. Wherever I am, he’s there, somewhere close. He’s good at soothing aches, too. He’ll drape himself over my sore hip or ankle or knee, if I’m laying down, and let his furry warmth sink into my joints. And as you can see from this photo of him, he’s sort of a ham when it comes to cameras.
Although I did my workout this morning, bright and early, I’m really fatigued and sore today. My beastie buddies are helping me keep things in perspective, however, as they put up with my whims. And I love them for it.
Companion animals are good for us. Their uncomplicated acceptance and affection, their soft fur and warmth, even their purring and nuzzling touch the parts of our brains that have to do with pleasure and comfort, and cause a release of seratonin, a chemical that helps sooth pain, relaxes our tight muscles and puts a smile on our lips. Logan and PIB are a vital part of my life, my wellness.
Do you have pets? Do they help you deal with pain, fatigue and low spirits? I’d love to know. And thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Wee beasties

  1. Aha – you’ve just reminded me of a post I wrote in my head last night, but haven’t got round to putting on my blog, about Enormous Cat and his ‘laying on of paws’ ability! I like to think he knows I’m having trouble sleeping at the moment and comes in to comfort me … but actually I think it has more to do with wintery weather!


  2. p.s. Poor Logan – definitely an anxious face – but PIB looks gorgeous – definitely hamming it up for the camera. ;o)


  3. Your pets look great!
    We don’t have housepets here, just outdoor animals (alpacas, horses, ducks, and cows).


  4. What lovely pets!

    My family dog and cat can always make me feel better. Since I live on my own and usually just see them on weekends, I sometimes imagine them on the bed with me when I can’t sleep and am in pain. It really does help!


  5. They are adorable. My sister and I live together. She has a cat named Evan…he’s 2 years old. I have a 2 yr. old dog named Ginny. She’s a Doberman Pinscher/Rottweiler mix.

    I agree about them helping with pain and also moving in general. If it wasn’t for my dog I wouldn’t remember to take my morning walk. She forces me to rub her which is soothing for both of us. When I cry she comes and lays next to me.

    It’s amazing the healing power animals have. Also, just when I think I can’t move I hear something crash in the other room and take off running…lol.


  6. Oh, they are so cute! My cat, Molly, sleeps on me too and is also especially clingy when I don’t feel great. What would we do without them!?!


  7. Your furry family members are adorable. I have a yorkie mix who, like your Logan, is very camera shy. The number of photos I have of her looking away from the camera is large. She makes me get out and walk every morning and evening (except Enbrel day- when her “dad” walks her in the evening) and she make me laugh when I am so down that I don’t know how to climb back up. Though she is about 6 years old, she has only been with us for just under 2 years and she is very slowly realizing that she can be a lap pup-we are thinking her previous owner didn’t allow it. However-when I am so sore and achy or sick that I just don’t want to move, she will curl up next to me and just stay there cuddling. It’s like she knows when I really need it. I cannot imagine life without her.


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