My hands hurt. My fingers, when I try to use them to pick things up, feel like they’re coming apart. I grit my teeth and cuss, soft, beneath my breath.

But I’ve promised my daughter and her fiance a steaming hot pot of my homemade Hungarian goulash tonight. It’s been fallish around here lately — cool, crisp, bright days and increasingly chilly nights. Soup that’s thick with vegetables, potatoes, bits of meat and spices, mopped up with chunks of warm, crusty bread, will warm our bones and make us smile. Since I’m the only one around here who knows how to make it, here I go, off to the kitchen, achy hands and all.

Yes. There is joy in this.

3 thoughts on “Soup

  1. My favorite soup.
    When yellow squash & zuccini are everywhere there is an easy soup that I love. A big can of skinless whole tomatoes (Cut or torn into smaller chunks), couple potatoes, Zuccini, & squash, maybe one or two each, then clean out the fridge – cut corn, beans and or carrots are good. Boil it up with some added water, add some oregano or just salt & pepper. Simmer for 3 hours and have lunch for the week for two or three.
    Smells and tastes great and no matter what the proportions are it always works. For a neat change use chunks of butternut squash or sweet potatoes.


    • Forgot. Start off with one onion, a little garlic and saute on olive oil before adding the rest of the ingredients.
      Sorry bout that.


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