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StrategerizingWhat do you do when your rheumatoid disease flares? Do you have an “action plan?”

I don’t have one of those. My flares don’t come and go like they once did—they’re pretty much constant these days. What I did—and do have—is a strategy aimed at soothing (if not actually relieving) the joint pain and helping me cope with it.

Read all about it at RheumatoidArthritis.net. And thanks for stopping by! It means so much to me! I hope that reading about my “strategerizing” tactics will help you cope succussfully, day by day, with your rheumatoid disease.

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  1. try to stay alive every day and find someone beautiful every day 😉


  2. Know your enemy…gather your weapons…I see a superhero cartoon forming before my eyes… Hoe about it, Wren? Next drawing project?!


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