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Wow! The prednisone taper I’m taking has, literally, halved the pain in my left hip (the worst) and made my right hip pain-free, at least temporarily. I say that because, for most of the second day of the taper (yesterday), that’s how my hips felt. I was extremely happy. I haven’t walked without pain for months and without a limp for weeks and weeks.

By late afternoon, though, the bursitis pain in my left hip started ramping up again. By bedtime, both hips were back to “normal:” Aching, with the left shooting sharp, burny twinges down the outside back of my thigh to my knee. Phooey.

But, this morning both hips felt better. They stayed better (though not as better as yesterday) most of the day. Tonight, they hurt, but not nearly as much as last night. This is a Good Thing.

On a taper as short as this one (six days), the dreaded prednisone weight gain, moon-face and hump side-effects hardly have time to get started, thank goodness. And although I remember feeling distinctly odd and irritable on that taper so many years ago for the poison oak, this time I’ve not felt anything except better. So far.

I’m smiling, believe me. And I’m hoping… hoping. I have three more days on this taper, so maybe the continued, dwindling dosage of inflammation-quelling prednisone will convince my overactive immune system to lay off my hip bursae. I’d absolutely love to move on.

Once again, thank you all for your empathy and encouragement. It’s terrific to feel so supported and embraced by such caring friends.

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  1. I’m starting 6 days of Prednisone tomorrow. Not certain it will help with my bionic hips but hopefully it will settle down the bursitis. I am not looking forward to the munchies and insomnia I always get…ciao


  2. I am so glad that you are finding some relief. I was on prednisone for almost a year and during that time I was also on Weight Watchers. I battled the same 5 pounds for the entire year but I didn’t gain. When I came off- well the weight has started slowly moving down. The “bad” news- I had my RX’s called in and evidently I am going back on it. So the struggle begins again. That said- the relief it provides is somewhat worth it. It’s hard though when you are told that “if you only lost weight, it would help with the pain and damage that the Rheumatoid Arthritis is doing to your body,” and then they put you on a med that is almost guaranteed to make you at minimum not lose and most likely gain. Sigh
    Hang in there my friend-(hugs) I hope it helps long term for you.


  3. That speed of response sounds very PMR to me! My hip bursitis took a while at about 12.5 mg/day to go away altogether. Hope the rheumy can make a helpful decision for the longer term – keeping my fingers crossed!


  4. Yay! I hope it keeps working. And speaking of which, what does it mean that the prednisone is working? Does it indicate the pain is RA related? Do tell!
    🙂 L


  5. It is so good to hear you have some relief! Hope you’re continuing to do your stretches and icing. That will help the inflammation resolve as well. Isn’t it great when the pain finally lets go. Hugs!


  6. Laurie – no, doesn’t mean it is necessarily RA related. Pred has a powerful anti-inflammatory action and the bursae are inflamed. If Wren is lucky, the pred taper will deal with the inflammation enough for it not to return but that is something she’ll have to wait and see. I have something called polymyalgia rheumatica which is so vague in its presentation (except for awful muscle and tendon pain) that it is difficult to dx. A challenge with pred at 20mg a day typically brings relief in hours – and many docs take that as pretty much confirming the dx as little else responds that quickly. But steroids can work magic used properly 🙂


  7. Henry the pup has also just joined the prednisone taper club – he’s picked up a skin infection after a bit of swamp-swimming. (He also gets to wear a cone – lucky him.)

    I’m happy to hear the prednisone is helping your poor hips! I hope the improvement continues.


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